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Comment Re:I'm glad somebody is on the case (Score 1) 190

" Apple chargers are incredibly over-engineered to protect against many problems."

Except for people running them off square-wave inverters, and then your touchscreen goes to utter shit because of the real Apple charger (as in the one that came with my fiance's 4S) passing along some seriously wonky power and signal. Give it a shot, hook up to an O-scope and watch for yourself. You might even be able to hear a slightly audible buzzing from the iDevice itself.

Comment And after half an hour of probing their website (Score 1) 49

I spy so much shitty code. Most of the site doesn't even serve static content from a cookieless domain, and most of the site itself is scripting/code instead of media/text.

Exploitable from the bottom up.

Turn your own people against your site first before advertising out to others, eh?

Comment Re: Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 480

The actual solution is fire everyone that has no expertise doing their own troubleshooting and hire people that possess these capabilities, company-wide.

*THEN* you can get rid of the help desk, and downsize all the other departments (including IT) because there will be far fewer support requests coming from the other departments, and the people at the computer are likely to be faster and more productive. They're also likely the kind to help you find even MORE efficiency to gain, and let you know FREELY about it. They might even have the system already designed and an implementation ready for you to try!

That's how you run shit as CIO. You get the CEO, CTO, and COO on board with that plan and go. Real lean, you can pay the fewer people remaining more money AND still manage to pocket a good chunk of money on the side.

I have no clue why the fuck anyone needs a degree to figure this out.

Comment Re: How much of that is entirely Microsoft's fault (Score 1) 480

IBM's sample size isn't statistically important because it's not randomized, and it's not representative of anything other than IBM and their failure at managing Windows systems and them not learning how to lock down systems once they get everything working.

Comment Re:How much of that is entirely Microsoft's fault (Score 1) 480

The result is an obviously incompetent IT staff at IBM. That's all there is to it. If they haven't locked their systems down after getting everything to work flawlessly like any smart business would do, and then things like updates come along and break shit, that's IBM's fucking fault, not Microsoft. This kind of thing is expected from Microsoft as it has been an issue since Windows 95. If IBM hasn't learned this lesson in over two decades and done due diligence to prepare for it (and the solution is way cheap per license, keeping the TCO way under anything a Mac costs) then they likely never will.

When I worked at Flextronics, we had far, far, FAR more problems with your Apple servers hosting OS images than ANY of the Windows Servers in the same building. Literally the TCO in lost time alone from the Apple server trumped the cost of every computer on the repair floor.

You've been shilling it all these years, but someone who's worked both the hardware and software side of Apple, like myself, knows far better.

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