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Comment Re:What the Idiotic Hell./ (Score 1) 401

I still don't really see how it's relevant. Words are pronounced and even largely mean the same thing in C, C# and Java as well. Syntax nearly identical, punctuation nearly identical, meaning nearly identical. Indonesian and Latin share the same alphabet in present time but they sure didn't evolve that way. The spelling and script were adopted long after the language evolved over top of its own script systems.

C# and Java are derived from C. There are clear evolutionary relationships. Only an imbecile would try to claim otherwise. Give it up dude.

Comment Re:What the Idiotic Hell./ (Score 1) 401

C# superficially looks like C, in the same way that Indonesian superficially looks like Latin.

No, Indonesian only resembles Latin because it uses the same character base. Which would make your Modula-3 as closely related to C as it is to C# (and Indonesian). They all use the same character base.

C and C# share basic syntax rules as well as character set. Kind of like, say, Latin and French. Oh wait...

Comment Re:Planned obsolescence (Score 1) 290

My Honda Accord has a right side mirror camera. It displays your blindspot in the centre screen when the right signal is on so it can't be illegal here in Canada.

That said it does kind of suck. I like having it but on a sunny day it's pretty useless due to both the camera and screen getting washed out. I use the mirror more than the camera still.

Comment Re: A disturbing setback (Score 1) 337

Anonymous polls from where? You're going to have to give sources on these figures because the only research I have ever personally seen reporting these outcomes have basically been checklists on what not to do when you want useful results. I'm sure an anonymous poll from the huffington post will yield totally legit results for such a question.

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