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Comment Re:MSM and social media are in the bag for the DNC (Score 5, Insightful) 411

Except some of the polls showing Trump behind are from Fox News.

When Fox has a recent poll that shows Clinton is ahead by 6-7 points (depending on whether it's a 2-way poll or 4-way), well, I really doubt they're carrying water for Clinton.

And you have to understand... there's a certain percentage of the voting populace that is going to vote for the Republican candidate no matter who it is or how they are presented (good, bad, indifferent). There are likewise going to be a certain percentage of voters that are going to vote for the Democratic candidate no matter who it is or how they are presented (good, bad, indifferent).

It doesn't matter what scandals dog those candidates, they will always get a certain percentage of the electorate.

The trick is appealing to those who normally fall into one party or the other but don't care much for the candidate AND getting voters who class themselves as "independent".

Unless something causes an inordinate number of voters from one party or the other to stay home, it is generally impossible to win the Presidential election with just the voters that you can automatically count on. You have to attract voters from outside those blocks.

And Trump hasn't been doing so.

Sure, he's gotten a few. Can't argue that. But he's spent so much time actively insulting blocks of voters that he's effectively reversed the inroads that the Republican party started making among (for example) Hispanic voters after Romney's defeat in 2012. Not to mention African-American voters, some Jewish voters, some Asian voters....

He's trying (whether he means to or not) rely on the angry older white voter, and hey, he's gotten that block fairly well nailed down. But it's been at the expense of every other block of voters that he would need to win.

The "easiest" path for a Trump victory in two weeks is to carry every state that Romney won in 2012 and then flip enough states to make up the 64 electoral votes that Romney fell short of.

The problem there is that not only is Trump apparently failing to do that (it's unlikely that he's going to flip Pennsylvania or Florida, and Ohio might be out of reach as well), it's possible that he's going to lose some of the states that Romney won. He might lose Arizona, he might lose North Carolina. Hell, he might lose Utah.

Facebook and other social media don't need to do anything to make Trump look bad. They just need to give him a forum, and Trump will do that himself.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 2) 411

That's because Fox is pro-Republican, and being pro-Republican and anti-Trump has a fair amount of crossover.

Let's face it, Trump is the Republican candidate, but he is doing far and away more harm to the party than anyone else who ran for the nomination could have. For example, I don't care for Ted Cruz, and I think he'd probably be losing right now as well if he were the Republican candidate, but he, at least, doesn't flip out at 3 a.m. and go on Twitter rants, and he almost certainly wouldn't have been doing some of the insanely stupid shit that Trump has done in the last few weeks (not to mention the last few months).

Sure, Cruz would have almost certainly made different mistakes. Or Rubio, or whoever, but they at least understand the system. They don't go treating the entire thing like a season of a TV show.

Trump won the nomination because, with as many people running for the nomination, all he had to do was get more attention than the next person down in the field. The field was so fragmented that it was easy to do.

But he tried the same shit when he officially got the nomination, and it doesn't work. The goal after getting the nomination is to attract enough people who might be on the fence about you, and Trump could not stop insulting people left and right. He's effectively alienated most of the groups that the Republican party tried making inroads with since Romney lost.

That's why Fox News is anti-Trump.

Comment Re:Oh brother (Score 5, Insightful) 90

Well, he supposedly did this over the course of 20 years. However....

That actually means the problem is worse. How, over the course of 20 years, did no one notice this? I mean, let's say he had two week's vacation every year, he's still absconding with 50 Gigs of data a week for 20 years. (On average, and assuming that the 50 Terabyte estimate is accurate.)

Okay, sure you can get a cheap USB drive that has 128 or 256 Gigs of space on it, but 20 years ago? A shitload of ZIP disks? Physically removing the hard drives?

And the sad thing is, probably half the people who should have caught this have already retired.

Comment Re:What's your point? (Score 5, Insightful) 146

Of course, if any of the lawyers (or self-representing plaintiffs) are aware that the defendant is fake, then they are committing perjury. Any lawyer who does this is an absolute dumbass, because courts come down hard on these sorts of shenanigans.

I mean, it's one thing if you or I lie on the stand. It's still perjury, but if we're not lawyers (I'm not), then we aren't officers of the court, and there aren't going to ethics review boards crawling up our asses over this.

Comment Re:I'm fine with it.. (Score 1) 369

And Milo seems to deliberately distort the idea that just because we have freedom of speech in the U.S., it doesn't require anyone to allow him on their privately owned or publicly traded forums.

The First Amendment protects people from government interference in their speech (with certain exceptions). It does not stop Twitter from banning him (which they did) should they decide to do so.

I think the real reason that Milo wants to buy 4chan is so he can have something resembling a social media platform that he can't be banned from.

Comment Re:Great (Score 3, Insightful) 689

You might want to look at some poll numbers there, chief. Yes, Trump is still doing fine in strongly red states. That's because in those states, you could nominate a turnip truck and it would receive the majority of the votes.

The problem is, Trump not only needs to win every single state that Romney won in 2012, he needs to win several battleground states, and that's not happening.

His ground game is non-existent. He has a minuscule presence in Florida, which is one of the most important battleground states. The RNC is in the process of pulling away from him, and he's losing endorsements left and right.

After 2012, the Republican party realized that they cannot ignore the minority voters any more. They started trying to make inroads to Hispanic and African-American voters. Trump torpedoed that shit in the first weeks of his campaign. In the 2012 election, African-American voters made up 13% of the voters. Romney got 6% of that vote. Trump will be lucky if he gets half that.

He's pissed off the minority voter blocks, he's pissed off the establishment Republicans (okay, not all of them are turning away, but enough are that it's going to make a difference), and he's pissed off women voters. In previous elections, you could maybe still win the Presidency if you upset one or two of those groups, but all three?

Comment Re: Great (Score 1) 689

You do realize that all of those media organizations you named have loved the idea of Trump running for President since he first announced, right?

They are interested in ratings, and Trump (and his many fuckups) brings ratings. They might not like a Trump presidency, but they are digging the three-ring circus that he has turned the election cycle into.

Comment Re:Sometimes being first isn't the best plan. (Score 1) 254

You do realize that the price of tech trends downward over time, right? ENIAC cost over $400,000 at the time (which would be over $6.8 million today), but you have orders of magnitude more processing power on your smartphone, which is what, a couple hundred bucks?

Yes, there's a lot of start-up and investment cost, because we've never done this before. But as we overcome technological limitations, it will become less expensive.

Besides which, the percent of the GDP spent on the military is above 5%, IIRC.

Comment Re:In all fairness (Score 1) 254

Several weeks back, while I was out for a walk, I waved someone down who was going the wrong way down a one way street. It wasn't even one of those one-way streets where the correct street is a block over. It was something like forty feet away from the road he was on, and all he'd have to do is get to an intersection and get on the correct street.

So, I wave him down, I explain this to him, and he nods. And then continues driving the wrong way down the one-way street. For several more blocks at least. (Possibly to the end of the street where it hits a T-intersection. I couldn't tell.)

So, yeah, people are capable of it, and some of them are incapable of driving correctly even when told they are doing it wrong.

And don't get me started on all the idiots around here who don't seem to know what a turn signal is for. And that includes a surprising number of police officers.

Comment Re:The Internet (Score 2) 181

I feel I didn't make myself clear.

You have the Republican candidate attacking veterans for being captured, attacking the families of fallen veterans, and attacking veterans who suffer from PTSD, just to name a few things Trump has done.

If this were any other candidate who ran for the nomination this year, not only would they never have said these attacks, they would have torpedoed their candidacy by doing so.

He's single-handedly destroying any attempt at outreach to the Latino communities that the Republican party acknowledged that they needed to make after 2012, he's talked about ignoring treaty obligations like it's a business deal you can walk away from, AND he's got nothing but praise for Putin. For any Republican post-Reagan, that last one especially should tank his campaign completely. And yet it hasn't. (Okay, it is having an effect... has his chances of winning the Presidency at just above 27%, and it's been falling for a couple days now. But with the campaign he's been running, it should be a lot lower.)

Now, it could be argued that a lot of his supporters are just along for the ride, because hey, at least it's an entertaining ride, right? And the press (both print and television) has effectively given him a ton of free advertising, because they're addicted to ratings. They can't wait to show us the next clusterfuck that Trump propels himself into.

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