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Comment how "rogue"? (Score 5, Insightful) 52

Why would a "rogue" access point that actually delivers your packets be bad? A non-moron already treats all networks more exposed than your cluster's interconnects as untrusted, this goes for granted for any public network you connect to -- especially at a security conference where there will be some attacks (even if not malicious).

Comment Re:Great and all, but I think local email is dying (Score 1) 47

I am the only person I know who uses a local email client, rather than gmail, and I run with a reasonably tech savvy crowd.

Strange, I don't know a single person who uses a shitty webmail client rather than something local (did you know you can use gmail via IMAP?), and I run both with tech savvy and non-savvy crowds. The latter required a family member or a an IT guy (home/work respectively), who installed them something user-friendly like Thunderbird, rather than Windows Live Mail or whatever Outlook is called this week.

Comment Re: Isn't that legislative? (Score 1) 36

Every fucking day with this shit. Don't you have anything better to do?

Yet he succeeded in trolling you, so you and Maritz both responded with Score:2 posts to a no-cost AC.

(I recognize the irony in adding to a troll-initiated thread, but by pointing this out once in a while you might become aware of the problem.)

Comment Re:Isn't that legislative? (Score 1) 36

If the law says these people are included, the President does not have the legal authority to exclude them.

You mean, like your 4th Amendment?

George W. said the constitution is just a goddamn piece of paper. Barrack H. expanded those violations to an enormous level. And your newest Dear Leader apparently wants to drop any remaining lip service to rule of law.

Comment Re:Market Forces Kill Coal (Score 3, Informative) 200

No, coal still receives massive subsidies. It gets to ignore the pollution costs, medical costs, causing up to 1/3 deaths, and so on.

For comparison, nuclear, beside all the regulation coal doesn't have to cope with, is required to store every bit of its waste for hundreds of years. Please tell me when coal plants have to put condoms on their chimneys that collect all the CO2, sulphur, nitrogen oxide and even radioactive isotopes, and instead of dumping them into the air stores them underground. Only then you can talk about a fair competition.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong (Score 2) 86

But how will those "digital forensics engineers" tell an idiot user clicking on an attachment from this being done intentionally by someone with enough brains to log in as the former?

I guess the insurance company will just randomly deny payments with a bullshit excuse, like they usually do.

Comment Re:Fool-proof insurance policy (Score 1) 86

Even if the company has full data backups, they may not have the staffing required to wipe and reinstall every computer in a reasonable amount of time.

How hard is it to plop in boot media and run a script? You have all the rest automated, so all it takes is a few lines of shell, right?

Even special snowflake machines should back up to the common place, so they're not that different.

And if you're instead using some commercial "solution", well, then you're already used to pay the inadequacy tax.

Comment Re: Bull shit (Score 2) 172

If the speed is limited, then obviously the data is as well.

The word used is "unlimited", not "infinite". Obviously, you can't use more than (line speed * time). This means roughly ~31TB monthly on a 100Mbit connection.

Anything below that, allowing some natural congestion, is an artificial cap, and thus shouldn't be labelled as "unlimited".

Comment Re:Good! (Score 2, Interesting) 146

Spam is just spam. The sentence seems way over the top.

And murder is just murder. Making the society lose a few decades of life worth is as bad whether it's done by offing a single person or slightly inconveniencing a million. People tend to fail to recognize spammers as just as bad as murderers, just like they obsess about a plane crash that kills 100 while ignoring thousands who died in car crashes that day.

I can filter out the spammer and windows anal probe 10 users at completely and totally at the mercy of M$, right on their desktop, completely ublockable

Newsflash: you can block Windows anal probe 10 too, by keeping it away from your computer. And if you need to run that one program, or test whether your software works on Win 10, or whether your webpage is not mangled by Edge, make a small VM so Microsoft can't spy on anything but that single program.

Comment Re:accident my ass (Score 1) 29

Hmm, correction... I did investigate this a few months ago, and + led to servers in the US both from machines in all locations I control, and from a bunch of random public tools to do so. I just re-checked, it seems to be fine today, with pings that can't possibly go to the US.

So something must have changed...?

Comment Re:I just don't believe this (Score 1) 146

Where I work, the average employee receives nearly two hundred thousand spam messages per day.

Something is off -- I'm on many public mailing lists, git logs and so on, yet I see ~600 rejects per day, and my email server has a few other users. So either your company is a juicy target for a specific kind of fraud, or your number was obtained by scientific rectal extraction.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 4, Interesting) 146

You don't think the punishment may be a bit... draconian?!!!

The numbers are the max allowed for that indictment, sentences that spammers get are a ridiculously low fraction of that.

I do think spamming should be punished harsher than murder, as the cost for the society is greater. Somehow people underestimate the harm if it is spread among many people. Like: you build a coal power plant that reduces the lives of 100k people by a year each -- you've committed the equivalent of more than 1000 murders, yet don't even get a fine for that.

On the other hand, I find the count of "more than 1 million spam emails" to be suspicious. A decade ago, spam response rate was 1 in 12.5M, and I'd expect it to be way lower today. A spammer doesn't spam "for the evulz", he spams because it is profitable. A billion mails per campaign is a low figure, and a spammer doesn't build the infrastructure for just a single run.

Comment Re:accident my ass (Score 1) 29

they will ask my ISP for it under another NSL, which my ISP will not bother to fight

This is a concern for you, yeah. But I for one don't live in the US, and would really prefer my metadata to not be given to your spooks. Those in my country can't find their ass with both hands, so while just as vile (our current govt in Poland is outright national socialist), they don't know how to get useful info from Internet data.

Comment Re:Deflect from discussion! Blame competitor A! (Score 1) 29

Deflect from discussion! Blame competitor A!

I don't like Apple, I consider them the Monsanto of software world, far worse than Oracle or Microsoft, but even if you hate someone, you shouldn't expect them to be always in the wrong.

Except Lennart. He has no redeeming qualities.

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