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Comment Re:No. Vendor. Lockin. (Score 1) 255

I am running native Fedora 24

Check if you're in enforcing mode.

19:22:06 > date
Thu Oct 20 19:22:29 AEDT 2016
19:22:29 > df /boot/efi
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/sda1 511720 8480 503240 2% /boot/efi

Contrary to what one would suspect, writing to the EFI partition is not a restricted operation. It can't be -- you could just put your disk into another machine and write anything there. Instead, if you write a kernel/bootloader not signed by a key signed by Microsoft, it simply won't boot.

Comment Re:That's, for better or worse, for a court to dec (Score 1) 202

Copyright law needs a top to bottom reform. Period.

Here's my proposal: sed '/^/d'

Seriously, copyright brings us exactly as much good as patents, and for the same reasons: a king of England got greedy and devised a way to gouge people for even more moolah while enacting censorship -- and then it got worse. The exact law differs (Statute of Anne that gave a monopoly and censorship duties to the Company of Stationers vs random "letters patent" monopolies) but their aim was the same.

Creative writing/art/etc was doing well before anyone thought of copyright.

Comment Re:No. Vendor. Lockin. (Score 1) 255

Well, try running a kernel or bootloader not signed by Microsoft on new Restricted^WSecure Boot systems. The requirement for the user's ability to disable Restricted Boot on x86 has recently mysteriously disappeared, wanna guess what's coming next?

Another thing: Windows bootloaders are signed with a key named "Microsoft Windows Production PCA". There's a different signing key, "Microsoft Corporation UEFI CA" that OEMs merely "should consider" including. Guess which one keys of distributions who begged to have their keys signed are signed with?

And once you boot one of such kernels in Secure Boot mode[1], you can't insert unsigned modules, kexec unsigned kernels or access (even as root) a number of facilities that could let you gain control over your own machine.

[1]. These kernels work normally when booted without Secure Boot.

Comment here's a workaround then (Score 2) 56

apt-get install bucklespring (there's a Mac build, dunno how do you install there -- or if you even still can install anything not from the App Store)

The author of this program has sampled the sound of every key on a real Model M, so you can install this and pretend you have a keyboard for grown-ups. On the downside, everyone in your building can learn what you type without requiring a VoIP link.

Comment Re:Nice to see the West pulling tricks from the (Score 1) 130

It's a better idea to use the term 'Soviet' instead of Russian when the union of 15 Soviet communist republics existed, and when Russian only referred to the RSFSR

There's no "Soviet" language even though one of those republics forced its language on others to a level that only the French (as a minority or majority) beat, including forcing people to switch their native languages to Cyrillic.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 356

Halt -- nope. Erode them only at a moderately slow pace, as opposed to Hillary's all-out rush, hopefully. Remind me who called your constitution "just a goddamned piece of paper" and which party he belonged to. Yet even that person tried to make it appear he heeds the law -- breaches of the 1st Amendment were few, of 2nd limited to state level, those of 4th were held in deep secret.. On the other hand, Hillary promised wholesale scrapping of 1st and 2nd, without even bothering to formally repeal them, and we can be sure she'll follow Obama's lead on 4th.

And this concerns me as without a world power at least nominally protecting these freedoms, you can bet freedom of speech and so on will become niche then disappear.

Comment Re:Two trends converge (Score 3, Funny) 114

When Linux doesn't meet your use case, you can fix it or pay someone to have it fixed. When OS X or Windows have the slightest bug, tough cookies, there's precisely nothing you can do.

And for this particular article, you can use Linux on that 2010 MacBook Air just fine. Linux doesn't support hardware forever -- the kernel requires at least 486 and Debian just bumped the minimal requirements for i386 to 686, but for the latter that's still good 20 years of support.

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