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Comment Re:People probably realized.. (Score 1) 325

Fads ... 3DTV ... never saw one irl ... VR headsets ? ahem.... havent seen one yet irl ... smartwatches ... ? i thought that was a joke ;-) ... in belgium the cunning carrion feeders however found a new way to make money on a new resource that won't be running out any time soon : sold the state the idea to oursource getting unemployed back into the GDP to the private sector .. big business if i can read correctly. But these things they're more aimed at people who still have money to spend on things they dont need and like you say : they already have a 500 or more euro smartphone they dont need, cunningly sold to them for €1 ... but you have to sign a deal for at least two years which probably brings it up to €1000 .. all in the salespitch ... so someone somewhere has a lot of smartwatches they cant get rid of ... ill take one of your hands for €1 if i dont have to sign anything /chucklezses

Comment Re: I tell them that I use wanker auth (Score 1) 430

heh ... my phone doesnt unlock by fingerprint ... o actually i lost it OR it got stolen same result .. but im starting to think the US and belgium are a bit in a contest on who can bend the law most ... Art. 29 Het briefgeheim is onschendbaar. De wet bepaalt welke agenten verantwoordelijk zijn voor de schending van het geheim der aan de post toevertrouwde brieven. i dont know if google translates ... this place is the swiss cheese of legalism ... it states roughly communications are protected for letters delivered to the post office so any lawyer can probably bend that into but the sms on your phone is not ... belgium still wins on bureaucracy and izms .. thats constitution there, probably not updated since 1830

Comment Re:Yeah, right. (Score 1) 90

Whatever it is or whatever its not. Fact is the big boys are starting to measure dicks in space. Way better than the muppets and certainly less waste of money then the 3DTV in every living room ..., o i mean vr sets ...
The way this is going can only be beneficial ... musk, boeing, besos ... thats big folk who don't like to lose, private sector, they really couldnt stand any of the others getting in before they do so this might actually turn americants back into americans before the chinese colonise pluto.
which is extra competition ... which is the only thing that seems to motivate these people : killroy was here first
i dont think they ever played co-op matches back in the days of doom primus

Comment Re:Cool story bro (Score 5, Interesting) 80

i think we all know the actual trial is a farce and the decisions have already been made ... same for demonoid, tpb and all the rest i mean ... EXTRADITION, helllooow ?
in fact they dont host content so i agree they dont violate shit, and the argument of facilitation is bullshit since smartphones, google, and your fingertips also make it easier to address the content through a certain channel
load of american horsecrap ... im almost starting to suspect myself of being anti-american today but you gotta admit .... the last two weeks ???
the textbook definition of OTT

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 910

i beg to differ, everything belongs here ...
the need, yes, but to convince the ones who give up money for it ? thats the question isnt it, william ?
ofcourse, if you WANT to work all you have to do is shoot wetbags and syrians who come steal your jobs since there's plenty of work out there
as you were ... pfooh, ... well simply stated if you cant eat you either beg or steal
todays issue is giving me the creeps maybe i should stop reading up for the day
its not just orwell weeping anymore

Comment Re:because everyone carries a bag of 100 gift card (Score 1) 204

back in the days of communist russia ... i think the issue here is the precedent set of "not needing a warrant" which means next time you drive by they wont need one either
today is worrisome to say the least ... is there anything positive on xept for china putting ppl in space or is liking that caniving with the commies ?

Comment Re:Nice to see the West pulling tricks from the (Score 1) 131

yé, thing is here they claim not to do it ... my today reading slashdot session is giving me acid reflux i might as well have turned on the tv lol omg ... i think we should all invest heavily in ironcurtain building companies cos it seems we gonna get nothing but that in the next decade ... so i need to get out
of europe

Comment Re:Get it MFers? (Score 1) 357
welcome to the new free world
you are free
to do as we tell you
you're not safe on the other side of the planet or we drop a swat team on your house if they wont extradite
if that doesnt work, a drone will do the trick
tres sympa guys, you're doing a great job antagonizing the planet

Comment Re:what about security? (Score 1) 552

uhuh and what he said : "If you don't want your music heard, then don't perform it" ... and ... lock phone in restaurants ? well in case of movie screening i can dig it .. but it would be quite the same to just pat down everyone so they dont wear spyglasses
when will the madness end .. okay anyone requiring me to do this ... i INSIST that it states CLEARLY BEFORE I PURCHASE a ticket to the show or i will SUE YOU
reverse-productive, how about it ?

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 435

Using Oh the IRONY that the .ly TLD could somehow be involved in taking down Hillary Clinton.

thats where im a bit lost ... assuming fancy bears are not complete monkeys randomly re-creating shakespeare by smashing buttons && they do it in the name of Trump all this does is boost Clintons profile in the name of what about the commies and the anarchists and all that so why on earth would zee russians openly attack and continue to reverse-promote clinton by hacking her administration ?
something smells fishy , more fishy than usual in the state of the free narcists ... i personally still think they should do a coup and keep obama on for four more years but i guess thats not
madam secretary ? ... no connections with any secret service i suppose ... am i the only one ?
super contraproductive russian statesponsored hacking by putin who already said if im correct trump is the ideal candidate ?
fishy .... phishy even but well, who are we to speak on matters of the free world

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