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Comment Re:Anecdote about Western Union (Score 1) 115

Aint laundering money that you have obtained money illegally and try to make it legit, that the money is from frauds is a completely different thing.
I dont know what the law says but it is probably that they didnt take enough information from the people sending money and that they didnt check the ones receiving it, basically didnt take valid ID's on the sender or reciever, can be also that they failed to report to the government that person or wu office X was sending/receiving Y money(if there are limits when they have to report that) within a certain period of time.

Comment Re:default judgment (Score 1) 277

Dont base your organization on the cloud?, wtf retarded statement is that, everything comes to how you store the access, who has access and what tools you have to do things. Is it the "clouds" error that godaddy has shitty administration?, or your bosses that somehow wanted to have a cheap deal and used a very bad provider?

Comment Re:default judgment (Score 1) 277

He was fired, yes, had he company property, yes(as I assume as they could claim it back), could it still be considered theft, yes, as it is company property, how many year ha had the computer at home, or that the computer was never in company ground, doesnt matter , he is in possession of someone else property.

Comment Re:default judgment (Score 1, Troll) 277

Because you are a moron?

It was clear he had taken company computer without permit and destroyed property(the data within) that was not his(even if he had assumed he could take it and wiped it at once just to not have anything of the school), if you want to leave with company equipment after your employment make sure you have it in letter that you might take it.
Goggle being a dick is good, it shows that they care about the security and will take time if you screw up whoever you are.

Comment Re:You don't know how hormones work, do you? (Score 1) 397

I am not claiming that I know "better than professionals in the field of psychiatry", I am claiming that the usage of a negative word on repeat to denigrate a person is used by him to try and make the we against them camps. That is how hate speech works.
And maybe you consider mental illness to be a very negative word then you never had anyone consider you as a mental ill person.
As the article points out, yes we should make the words "mental illness" not be such a bad word, but it is right now, and taking it down on how it is perceived will take time and dont go away because YOU dont consider it such a negative word.
Any person with any knowledge on how language is used to "dominate" others can see he is used the words "mental illness" to denigrate that person.

Comment Re:Just solve the bug... (Score 1) 112

because he was talking when the submit action is called, the submit will not be called unless you press or something triggers a submit. And I was responding that you dont need to even press submit to send the form information to the server
as I understood hes statement was that it would go:
enter page->form is filled by the browser->user presses submit->information is sent to server as I said:
enter page->form is filled by the browser->js triggers->information is sent to server (no user interaction is needed beside visiting that page)

that why I was proposing that if the browser supports autofill, it is the browser who fills the form, but to do that, it requires some input from the user that can not be called by a js-script or anything in-bedded in the page

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