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Comment Re:Just remember... (Score 1) 116

I'd assume that a text formatted cell shouldn't be doing that, yet it was.

I see, then my first reply was premature, because I had not seen it doing this all my life. I tried it today with Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016. In no instance did it do what your wrote, i.e., remove the comma in a text-formatted box, and the default autocorrect rules don't have any rule that looks like they would do this, either. So I guess maybe you experienced a bug that has been fixed, your had some weird custom autocorrect rule enabled, or it may have had something to do with unusual region settings (which of course affect how Excel treats dot, comma, and semicolon - and over time I saw a bunch of bugs which only happen for some region settings).

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 273

I can't understand half of what he is saying, but from what I do I fail to see what this has to do with making the observation that a powerful ruling class can shape the norms of what is culturally acceptable or how the fact that Facebook necessarily does fit this observation makes them communist.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 3, Insightful) 273

Indeed communist: Cultural hegemony is a Communist theory to manipulate the thoughts, culture and morality of the multi cultural society in order to make the parties (in this case it's Facebook) the only accepted world view among the public.

Having one single thing in common with certain theories held by certain communists definitely does not make one a communist. That's like saying Facebook is like my mum because she, too, has an internet connection.

Besides, you are misunderstanding the concept of cultural hegemony in Marxist and post-Marxist theory. It's mainly an observation of how things in fact work in society, which you could have known by skimming the first paragraph of your link. That some theorists also recognized that it may be turned around as a weapon was inevitable. Either notion is not particularly limited to communism and in time would have been recognized by any number of people of different political leanings, it just happens that Marx was quick to see it as with quite many other properties of modern capitalist societies.

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