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Comment Re:Bad guys (Score 3, Insightful) 44

Speaking from the position of an IT admin - I cannot unblock Sourceforge yet. It will remain locked off to my users as long as this is the status quo - https://sourceforge.net/projec...

Yes, their installer is scanned for Malware. But then the installer downloads malware during the installation process. My users are not observant enough to be trusted to read a notice "This project uses a 3rd party installer", and certainly not seasoned enough to infer that the message means "download malware here". I've reported this project as distributing malware a few times now since Slashdot/Sourceforge's change of hands, so its continued virus-laden distribution tells me everything I need to know about how much trust I should put in the new regime.

Comment Re:Malicious file? (Score 1) 166

Depends what you are installing - FileZilla distributes official versions of their software that is loaded with Malware. Tim (BotG) has sworn up and down that it isn't Malware, and the rest of the world disagrees with him. SourceForge's takeover forced him to at least keep the malware-laden links off Sourceforge, but they're still there as the default if you download from Filezilla.org

Comment Re:Too bad it didn't have a RTG (Score 1) 70

To be fair, I was thinking of what it "could do" and not just the mission objectives. When I wrote it, I the Opportunity probe in mind, which far exceeded its mission objectives. On Mars, solar panels make pretty good sense. Would a RTG have made better sense here? As a poster below notes, they simply aren't considered in ESA missions.

Comment Re:Too bad it didn't have a RTG (Score 1) 70

I'm not automatically discounting what you say, but do you have a citation? I went looking (for a while, at that) for weights on a likely RTG vs. batteries and solar panels. The best I came up with was fuel mass for the Cassini mission - 4.8 kg producing 110 watts. http://www.world-nuclear.org/i... - (and Plutonium 238 needs the least amount of shielding for any RTG fuel). Can you provide information on the weight of the solar and battery components?

Comment I don't normally swear online (Score 3, Insightful) 396

But why in the FUCK are companies being granted effective monopolies on generic drugs?!?!

Nice to know our 'representatives' don't feel the need to hide it anymore. They've been in bed with the drug companies for a long time. But seriously, this takes it to the level of Muppets-style puppetry. No one believe that Kermit is a real frog; we all know that he's got an arm buried up his backside. Do you think Congress gets a bulk discount on shoulder length calving gloves and jugs of lube?

Comment Nimbler companies won't reverse customer experienc (Score 1) 100

Every piece of HP kit we've had has been a lemon. We have a 100% failure rate within 5 years on whole classes of desktop machines that we've bought from them, and the servers I have of theirs (that are still around) are a constant headache to get a management session going to their ILO. Unless they're going to give me a batch of equipment FOR FREE to let me use for a year and see that it no longer sucks, my budget will be spent somewhere else. Forever.

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