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Comment Re:two solutions. (Score 2) 80

1. The "bleed" come from it bleeding data that was in memory - I don't recall any other exploits that release data in other ways being called that. It was also first jokingly called cloudbleed by the security researcher (not the media).

2. This isn't the '90s anymore. CDNs are extremely common and cloudflare is one of the cheapest out there, especially for small sites. Most sites can't afford to deploy load balanced services and rely on others to do it for them. Cloudflare has been in the business for a while now and has more experience than your average IT guy.

Comment Re:google should adopt this (Score 1) 245

From what I've seen, it's just news without the journalism. I watched one bit where the news casters were literally just describing the video feed from a helicopter about a man in a flooded area. It was just filling up time and didn't tell me anything that I couldn't see just by watching the video.

Comment Re: The Guardian goes full racist (Score 1) 899

So? It provides the information, plus a good, logical, rational explanation of how to interpret that data. Do you find any fault with their arguments?

Yes, they neglected to include most of the data

Of course they are. That difference is rooted in other racial differences. And the rate isn't "much higher", it's around 20-25% higher, which is basically noise when you look at social science data.

Those are fairly high numbers - more than statistical noise. The civilian reported numbers are even higher.

The NYT is not a credible source of news or analysis, and it is highly biased, far more than those papers you call "right wing".

The NYT is a very reliable source and one of the most trusted in the country. The right tries to portray them as not credible because facts make the right look back. If you claim they're not credible, you must also think the national review is not credible since they get their information from the NYT.

Comment Re: The Guardian goes full racist (Score 1) 899

The links here are not the data, they're right-wing opinion pieces about the data.

Take a look at the NY Times piece for the full results:

In one regard, it's correct to say that police shoot black people less in the cities that were reviewed, but cases of violence by police against blacks (including pointing a gun at them) was MUCH higher than for whites - something the right wing blogs neglected to mention.

Comment Re:There is only one thing I hate more than fascis (Score 1) 899

The media coverage is ridiculous, and focus instead on actual fake stories of people who are pretending to be assaulted by Trump supporters, a claim, as far as I know, always unfounded. End of rant. Good luck America.

What about the story a couple days ago where a Trump supporter murdered some people because of his alt-right views

Comment Re:A Better Ridge (Score 1) 460

The Democrats pushed policies to protect the environment and agreed to changes in the Paris Agreement. The FCC under the Democrats had a policy of net neutrality. There was a race to the top educational policy (and they obviously didn't work to get rid of education funding). They passed the ACA which while not great, was an improvement in health care. They've increased taxes on the wealthy rather than cutting them.

If you can't tell the difference, it's just because you haven't paid enough attention to their policies and actions, not because they are the same.

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