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Comment Re:The usual 2 Windows10 questions: (Score 1) 74

If you don't like it, install Linux. Or a BSD. Or whatever you like.

Don't you worry your astroturfing AC head over that, as an ever-increasing number of us HAVE dumped anything MS and enjoy our computers FAR more than we did when still using Windows.. I used/supported MS products for 20 years as a user and a sysadmin. When I retired in 2010, I decided I was done with all things MS, and one day deleted the Win7 partition on my systems, reinitialized grub and haven't looked back.. I'm supremely entertained by all the abuse MS heaps on those poor suckers who put up with said abuse by continuing to use MS products..

Comment Yet another reason... (Score 2, Informative) 64

Yet another reason, if we really *need* another, to quit using MS products. I used/supported MS products for 20 years as a sysadmin, but when I retired in 2010, I decided I was done with Windows on my personal systems. I had been dualbooting Win7 and Linux, but once I made the decision, I simply deleted the Win7 partition, and reinstalled grub. After 6 years of zero MS, I've not missed it a bit.. In fact, I'm forced to use Windows in a part-time volunteer support position with a local charity, and I find that using Windows now, after being 100% Linux for going on 7 years, is very unnatural. After seeing all of the multiple forms of abuse MS heaps on those who still use Windows, I couldn't be happier with my decision...

Comment Re:The GeForce Experience (Score 2) 120

All of my Linux machines have Nvidia graphics, and I use the proprietary Nvidia "blob" driver, as its FAR better than the clusterfuck that is the opensource driver, but I'll tell you one damn thing.. The day they mandate this bullshit "GeForce Experience" spyware crap on Linux installs is the day I join Linus with his middle-finger "FUCK YOU" gesture to Nvidia and dump Nvidia for good.. They may get away with forcing that shit on naive Windows users (look at those who use Windows 10 for a clue), but most Linux folks are not ANYWHERE near that naive and won't stand for spyware on their otherwise pristine systems...

Comment Re:I just have no more sympathy (Score 1) 498

I'd love to do that when somebody asks for Windows help, but the money I make cleaning up Windows messes sure helps my retirement. I'm a retired sysadmin/support tech who did Windows for 20 years.. Now I'm retired and I use Linux, but I do get asked for help and when I do it, I charge when I provide "Windows Janitorial Services"... I also migrate those with use-cases that Linux is good for, to one of the Ubuntu spins..

Comment Re:Using a computer has become a minefield. (Score 1) 498

Actually if you must use Windows, a program called Sandboxie is what you want.. It runs browsers (and just about anything else) in an isolated "sandbox". If you do pick up some crap on the browser, you simply close the browser and delete the sandbox. If you're on Linux, theres a program called Firejail that does the same thing.. Since I don't use Mac, I have no idea if theres something similar for it...

Comment Re:Using a computer has become a minefield. (Score 1) 498

Wow, all this Sturm and Drang about a company screwing over its customers. Didn't you read the license agreements? ?

Heh.. I'd bet no more than 1 in a million users ever actually *read* that mess of legalese called the Windows EULA. I actually *did* AND had an attorney friend read it also.. His words: RUN! RUN AWAY FAST! .. His law office uses Windows 7, and after reading the Win10 EULA, he wanted NO part of it.. We're working on getting his office migrated over to Linux. There will be ONE air-gapped system running Win7 with MS Office on it, for the 1 in a 1000 document that LibreOffice chokes on..

Comment Re:Trust? (Score 3, Insightful) 211

/puts on tinfoil hat

I wonder how long it will be before those of us who refuse to use corporate/closed-source operating systems on our computers will be put on a watch list by the government, and subjected to things that terrorists are subjected to...

As far as I'm concerned, you don't need a tin-foil hat to think that this may not be *too* far down the line...

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