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Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 125

I flat refuse to get tied down with phone contracts, and also refuse to pay large sums of $$$ for the phone, therefore, I've always stayed with one MVNO or another, currently Ting, where my usual phone bill for two phones is between $25-$35/mo.. I'd previously used bottom-feeder phones bought off eBay, but decided I'd like a bit nicer phone, so I spent a whole $65 and bought a Nexus 4, rooted it so I could get adblock to work properly.. Couldn't be happier with it.. I snicker at those who are willing to blow northwards of $500 on a flippin telephone, then pay northwards of $75/mo to be able to use it...

Comment What a Circus..... (Score 1) 284

I used/supported Windows for close to 20 years, starting back in the Windows 3.11 era. I retired in 2010, and at that time, I decided I was done with MS products.. Now all of my personal systems run one Linux distro or another. Its too much fun to sit back and watch/listen to the daily stories about the bullshit that MS now inflicts on those who, for whatEVER reason, *still* use MS products.. I laugh my ass off daily at these stories about how Windows 10 crashes, forces crap drivers onto systems, and shoves itself down unwilling users throats, and constantly vacuming up everything one does on *their* computer. I get the distinct feeling that MS now believers that *my* computer has become *their* computer, and they magnanamously let *me* use it.... Let me just say this: FUCK YOU MICROSOFT!!!

Comment Re:It's new (Score 1) 163

heh With all of the Linux distros out there, the "extinguish" part of that equation is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE.. Oh sure, MS could buy Canonical/Ubuntu, but that sure isnt gonna "extinguish" Linux... hehe I'd love to see them *try*... Having left the MS ecosystem completely about 6 years ago, I laugh my ass off at the bullshit MS pulls on those who still use their products...

Comment Re:Can't a car just drive anymore? (Score 1) 291

The super-annoying part about these integrated navigation/entertainment systems, is that if they're crap (like the "sync by microsoft" crap we have in our 2012 Ford Escape) you're stuck with it.. Can't yank the crap out and go to a store and buy an aftermarket system like you could in the past...

Comment This is typical for Ford (Score 4, Interesting) 291

This seems to be the norm for Ford.. Wife and I have a 2012 Escape, which has a "Sync by Microsoft" entertainment system (SirusXM/am-fm/Cd/Bluetooth Handsfree).. We've had the car since 2012, and right after we bought it, the sat radio would get "no signal" dropouts at almost every street intersection, no matter what sat channel you were on.. Once you cleared the intersection, signal would return, only to go out again at the next light.. Went back to the dealer and bugged them about it, they said "We'll take a look if you can leave the car for at least a week"... ???? WTF?? That AINT happening... Anyway we've just lived with it.. And not to mention the total of FIVE different Android smartphones we've tried to pair with the hands-free system.. None of which will pair.. I guess I should have realized when we were shopping for an SUV that ANYthing with parts with Microsoft's name on them would be a piece of shit...

Comment Re:WF is corrupt to the core (Score 1) 104

Where you *should* have gone is a credit union. I was screwed big-time by Bank of America back in the late 70s, and since then all of my personal/family accounts are with a federally chartered credit union. In fact, our current credit union has as its motto, "The bank that you own"... Every year, regular as clockwork, we get a varying size dividend deposit, based on how well the credit union did that year. Its varied, but usually between $100 and $200.. We've overdrawn our checking a time or two, and all they do is pull from our share account, with no penalties/fees.. Their car loans always beat anything you'd ever get from a bank or god forbid, the dealer financing..

Comment Re:Better use Linux directly (Score 1) 77

No Shit Sherlock.... I retired in 2010 after nearly 20 years of supporting/using MS products. Around 2011, I decided I was done messing with MS products, and deleted the Windows 7 dualboot-ness of all of my systems back to 100% Linux. Since then, I've been sitting back and watching the shitstorm surrounding the "turd_in_the_punchbowl" that is Windows 10, and how desparate MS seems to be in forcing Windows 10 onto every machine they can. Watching from the sidelines, it occurs to me that Windows 10 itself *is* malware.. Think about it.. It uses the same obfuscation techniques to get itself onto a machine as malware, it sends everything you do on *your* computer to MS. There are endless cases of people who don't want it, but have it forced onto their systems anyway.. Frankly, I have a lot of sympathy for those who either *must* use MS products OR, due to ignorance of alternatives, simply *think* they have to use MS products. Sooooo glad I don't..........

Comment Re:Why does anyone update? (Score 1) 172

Windows 10 IS malware... The tricks MS used to infiltrate it on to everybody's pc that was still running an MS OS, ARE the textbook description of malware distribution methods. Then if you take the fact that EVERYTHING you do on *your* machine is hoovered off to MS, Windows 10 becomes even MORE the textbook description of malware... So glad all of my families systems are on Linux...

Comment Re:Why does anyone update? (Score 1) 172

OR do like some of us, who gave up getting fucked by proprietary operating systems quite a while ago, and now only use Linux, and some who are laughing their asses off at all the sheep who still use ANY MS product, and some others who pity those same sheep, who either MUST use MS products OR *think* they have to use MS products.. Protip: You DON'T....

Comment Re:And how many lied... (Score 1) 178

I think the shit-storm that is Windows 10 has done more for Linux than any other thing... I used/supported MS products for close to 20 years in my working career but when I retired in 2010, I decided I was done with MS, and since I am retired, I have become the defacto "tech support" for my church and neighbor, and if I had the business acumen to start a business, I believe I could make a profitable go of moving disgruntled Windows users over to Linux. Since Windows started shipping, I've done over 20 friends/neighbors over to Linux, and I keep getting others wanting to move over.. Hey, I'm retired, I wanna rest..

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