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Comment Re:Higher profit margins? (Score 1) 40

they should badge-engineer like the auto makers do. Sell the premium models (more RAM, more storage, faster CPU/GPU, bigger battery) under the HTC name and budget models under a different brand.

even better if they keep many models on the same form factor so accessories will work between them, like the DTEK50/60 and IDOL4/4s.

Comment Re:The Housing Supply is TOO DAMN LOW! (Score 1) 490

no reason to have high levels of housing construction regulation to artificially reduce city populations. of course there is, the existing building owners pay vast amounts in campaing contributions to keep supply suppressed well below what it ought to be, because that's how you keep 2 bedroom apartments going for over 3 fucking thousand dollars a month.

Comment bullshit (Score 1) 216

openKeychan for android is stupidly easy to use.

plaintext goes in, cyphertext comes out

cyphertext goes in, plaintext comes out

it even automates the sending to and grabbing from clipboard

encryption is only hard when you use poorly made tools

gaim-encrypt (back before it was pidgin) was easy as shit to use too, it was slow back in the days of sub ghz celerons it could freeze your whole machine and make winamp skip for a moment when a messagecame in, but it was literally easy enough for children to use.

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