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Comment Re:Technical glitch (Score 0) 42

H1B zombies will do what ever you tell them to do; but Machiavelli has said, "don't bet your life on it." So no one died, and we all got a good chuckle from this experience. Maybe next time, FaceBook will hire people that don't lie on their job application?

Comment What is There to Work With? (Score 1) 186

Well, we'll need a voice to text generator. Then we'll need some kind of AIML handler. Finally, a text to voice generator. IBM use to sell a Voice-To-Text interface card in the late 1990's. Text to Voice is a small software routine these days.

The Machine Learning part is the intriguing part. Books have been, and will continue to be written on this. What the hard part is, "Is how can a computer program find a valid fact, and be able to defend that the fact is valid?"

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