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Comment Re: No and screw Disney (Score 1) 328

Some of us care plenty about it, are interested in new things, and will learn about them in our spare time, but we maintain more of a separation between "work" and "play". We consider "work" to be things that we do to achieve goals like economy and stability, in support of business objectives and user needs. New and cool things need to be experimented with, P.O.C.'s built, compared and critiqued, to prove they add net value, particularly for critical functionality. Being mindful of all that, it is normal to be more cautious about new things. Also, after 20 years or so, there is some fatigue from"new" things, since so many turn out to be not very new and/or short-lived. You get tired of investing in stuff that you've basically done before, or that doesn't really work, or that gets replaced just about the time you get it working well. Your particular example of VS 2015 is a case where some of us old-timers felt burned by the post-2010 UI regressions and were shy about trying the newer versions for a while. And I expect 2008r2 will be with us for quite some time yet, for similar reasons. I love to try new things, and depending on the kind of company and management I have, I will work on them during slow times and then work them into Prod service later on, if they are truly better. But when there is real work to be done, I keep my priorities straight (the customer, the business, my family, my fun), and I may not have time for "playing" with shiny things.

Comment Re:Infosys' Murthy says hire Americans (Score 1) 476

And from what I've seen there are a significant number of those "poorly trained" Indian workers who actually manage to learn and eventually do good work, so why not just open up the resume filters a bit and hire some inexperienced Americans instead. The tech companies should drop this nonsense about having to look elsewhere and hire "the best people"..

Comment Re:REAL AI or more ersatz? (Score 1) 35

Keep up man. Since everyone is now using AI to describe all the mundane methods that have be invented and reinvented since the 50's and are somewhat more useful today since we have monster hardware, the internet, and more gullible people, the real AI that would be actually useful has now been renamed AGI - Artificial General Intelligence. I'm not joking, look it up.

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