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Comment Re:Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 1) 116

Streaming video websites which are opened in the foreground tab of the active window, because visiting those sites is indication of user intent to view the video. That's also, of course, TV-like by design.

If you mean video ONLY, you might be right. But not for something like Youtube.

I use Kodi to watch Youtube videos, and once in a while I see a video that I think "this is going to piss some people off", and open the browser to read the comments. As soon as I do, the video I just watched starts playing again.

By far, more often than not when I click on a Youtube link I want to view the video immediately. Exceptions are:
-When I want to go to the channel page. I might revisit a channel frequently and hate having to pause the same intro video
-Viewing my own videos to check the comments
-Following up with comments on another video.

Comment Re:Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 1) 116

While I tend to agree, I think there are some times when it's appropriate to have auto-playing content (maybe only restricted to silent content). For example, multimedia-rich pages such as this benefit from a tasteful (in my opinion) use of multimedia.

That's a terrible multimedia rich page. It looks like it's supposed to be a written article but it takes over THE ENTIRE WINDOW to show a stupid video of a boat. Scroll down and it jars into a written article. Keep scrolling and it jars into another fucking full page video. Particularly annoying if you're scrolling at high speed. This is actually only of the worst fucking uses of autoplay video I've seen.

I also don't know what the deal is with blogs now deciding that all their images must be animated GIFs instead of stationary pictures.

About the only place that autoplay videos / sound are acceptable are on audio or video sites (Youtube for example, with the caveat that it's annoying on the channel page)

Comment Re: Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 1) 116

Hear hear.
I start to seriously miss the 1990ies web, with frames, the blink tag, and netscape now buttons.

Even irritating flashing animated-GIF ads from the era are better than what we have now. At least they were efficient with their use of bandwidth.


if you're not a fan of this change, there will be a setting to turn audio autoplay off.

Just like how there's a setting in newsfeed to show "Most recent" instead of "Top stories" that is ALWAYS honored?

Comment Re:Always (Score 2) 605

Use the -d flag with pkunzip, otherwise, you might end up with a big stinking mess.

Why was this not the default?

ZIP files are still screwed. Do you want to "Extract here" or "Extract to archive.zip\".

Either you will clutter up your downloads folder in a similar "big stinking mess", or else you will end up with "archive.zip\archive\archive\files.exe"

Why can it not be smart enough to figure out if there's a parent sub-dir in the archive before creating nested redundant sub-dirs.

Comment Re:They're everywhere (Score 1) 105

My question to him was...and never got answered.

What is the actual source of the broadcasts that come in from these 3rd party plugins....???

In a lot of cases on Exodus plugin, it looks like a lot of content is hosted on Google Video. It's streaming from sites like this, not P2P like a Torrent, so MPAA would need access to server logs to figure out who even streamed the content.

Comment Re:More resource intensive than regular paper (Score 1) 159

Oh, they're awful. Shitty software, terrible interfaces and half the time at customer locations the important bits that show you networking configuration are needlessly locked out by the vendor.

And narcoleptic. They fall asleep after 10 seconds idle, and you have to press the stupid leaf button to wake it up, which takes 45 seconds to reinitialize, and the scanner buffer was limited to about 2 pages. I was able to corner the service tech once to get those limitations lifted (it sleeps now after 60 minutes, and can scan dozens of pages).

Occasionally the MFP would lock up. You send a job, select it, enter your code, and it would go "processing" indefinitely. Once I said "fucking piece of shit", pulled the plug out, and put it back in. Boss said "No need to be so violent, try properly shutting down the printer next time".

Aside from taking 5 minutes for a fucking printer to "shut down", he admitted that the next time this issue occurred, properly shutting it down didn't work, and pulling the plug did.

Comment Re:More resource intensive than regular paper (Score 1) 159

Yes, this. Someone mentioned convention centers and church bulletins as possible applications.

However, even these are limited as many of these documents are typically multiple-color at least on part of the page and/or they are being replaced with apps, screens all over the place, or other paper-less versions.

What percentage would be successfully collected, and would they be in good enough shape to be reused?

Comment Re:More resource intensive than regular paper (Score 1) 159

Although at so many offices there's a printer and then there's the inbox-type container with ream-and-a-half stack of printouts that nobody collects from the printer and that just sit there until the inbox overflows and somebody dumps the entire stack into the recycling bin.

Perhaps if the printer could do an erase stage at the start of a print job you could have a printer that automatically recycles the output bin after 30 minutes back to the tray so it could be erased again.

My workplace has been installing Multi-function copiers where print jobs have to be locked, and the user has to go to the printer, select their job(s) in the queue, and enter their password (usually 0000, 1234, or their phone extension) before it will print. Jobs automatically delete after 2-3 days. It drastically reduces the number of abandoned printouts.

Unfortunately these $10,000+ printers seem to be real pieces of shit, jamming constantly in very complicated manners, and requiring repairs all the time (both Ricoh and Xerox), even when new, while decades old Laserjet 5's keep printing and printing, needing nothing more than new toner cartridges, and the odd simple jam every couple thousand pages.

Comment Re:Connected devices (Score 1) 229

I'll be honest, I just don't get the appeal. What the fuck do my appliances need connectivity for?

I like tech and all, but in my experience, the best, most robust appliances have minimal electronics. The KISS principal.

Fridge with mechanical thermostat, and mechanical defrost timer. Dishwasher, clothes washer, dryer with mechanical timers. Ranges with mechanical thermostats. Hell if you don't religiously use setback functionality, a mechanical thermostat is more reliable than a normal programmable, let-alone a NEST.

These appliances cost less, and run for decades without issue. And easier to find parts or jury-rig something when they do cause problems. Rather than "Logic board failed, new range is cheaper than a new logic board"

Comment Re:It's official. (Score 1) 229

It needs good security though. Request permission for each device from each domain separately and require an admin password to authorize each and every device.

It's already a piss-off how many sites want to know my location, or want to add notifications to Chrome. Now there will be one more annoying popup from the web browser itself.

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