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Comment About time (Score 1) 85

Finally, one of the prime problems with the secret orders authorized under the Patriot Act is beginning to come out: "We'd like to reassure our rapidly shrinking customer base that we no longer do this, but under the law, we are subject to arrest for saying ANYTHING about it!" Clumsy attempt to avoid legal sanctions by asking the FBI to come clean about it so they don't have to won't work because the FBI has no incentive to say anything.

Comment Re:Sounds reasonable (Score 1) 204

That's one of my problems with the rules of evidence: the only penalty for unlawfully obtaining evidence is that the evidence is thrown out. That protects only the guilty, innocent people who's rights are violated have zero recourse! I thinks cops should be penalized for violating the rules, but if you got evidence of a crime, unless you have reason to suspect that the cops themselves planted the evidence, it should be admissible in court.

Comment Re:She's not charged for being a journalist (Score 1) 356

If she's telling people what to do, then she's not covering the event, she's part of the event. Nonetheless, I think that would be a little hard to prove in court unless she allowed herself to be recorded actually urging people to commit unlawful acts... wait, she IS that stupid? Nevermind...

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