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Comment the "back" key just doesn't work. (Score 1) 546

As said, when browsing from my android phone, sometimes pressing the "" keys, don't bring the previous or next story. Sometimes you even end up in an infinite loop. It happens each day or so. Pretty annoying if you like to read all the news, because it forces to go on the main site, find the next story, enter and start browsing again. Thanks for fixing

Submission + - Debian Founder Ian Murdock Has Died

Unknown Lamer writes: After a Twitter meltdown yesterday, it has been confirmed that Ian Murdock has died. From the Docker blog: "It is with great sadness that we inform you that Ian Murdock passed away on Monday night. This is a tragic loss for his family, for the Docker community, and the broader open source world; we all mourn his passing. ... Ian helped pioneer the notion of a truly open project and community, embracing open design and open contribution; in fact the formative document of the open source movement itself (the Open Source Definition) was originally a Debian position statement. It is a testament to Ian’s commitment to openness and community that there are now more than 1,000 people currently involved in Debian development."

Submission + - Creator of Debian project, Ian Murdock, dies at 42 (

LocutusOfBorg1 writes: The founder of the Debian project, Ian Murdock, passed away on Monday night.
You can read the full Docker post here, while a Debian
public statement will follow soon.
Ian created Debian project while he was a student at the Purdue University, contributing in many Open Source fields, such as the creation of the Open Source Movement itself, and with being CTO of the Linux Foundation.

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