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Comment Re:That's all well and good... (Score 1) 495

Anti-Piracy comments don't get modded down bad approaches do.

All I see in your message is what accounts to 'It is too wrong cuz I said so'. Show me some numbers (non cooked preferably, oh wait sorry how about lightly cooked?) that actually represent real loss instead of imaginary every download is a lost cd(yeah cuz I wouldn't have just bought the song by itself) sale and nobody who downloads buys overinflated figures. Also quit acting like people are depriving these artists of something honestly most of these people wouldn't buy music even if there wasn't a way to get it for nothing. Those who would usually support the artists anyway by going to concerts or buying the song or album if they like what they downloaded.

Comment Re:Sony is in the right, here. (Score 2, Informative) 268

When will you IP trolls learn that Copyright Infringement and Theft are not equal. Theft requires that you are depriving the first party of something by acquiring it in an unlawful manner. You see the first part can never be satisfied in regards to software and text (excluding physical media) as you do not remove their source when you make a copy. Unless of course you decide to hack their servers and delete all their copies when you make yours.

You can't steal an idea just like you can't kill one it lives in the mind and it's value should be determined in the same way there can be a price for the impartment of an idea but there can't reasonably be a price for each use of that idea once it has been shared that would be like charging people for thinking. Unless of course you live in the U.S. and know how to play the copyright office.

Comment Re:They should more to a more civilized country (Score 1) 392

Because I'm willing to let you use my work for free ideas are not something that can be controlled the free exchange of ideas leads to a better understanding of the universe. I believe it's reasonable to charge someone for your labor however you shouldn't be able to charge anyone they choose to share it with. As the labor is finite but the product is infinite only the labor can be reasonably charged for. It's the pricing that's become unreasonable. A song should not cost a dollar forever eventually cost is recouped some profit is made and to gain additional money you need to create additional product (aka labor).

Comment Re:Doesn't matter what country you are in... (Score 1) 667

You see you're mostly right here. However it's not just the healthcare system where a few people are gaining far too much profit. It's intellectual property and international trade agreements where we are suffering negative trade because the country importing isn't required to pay any taxes for importing meaning our total manufacturing capacity is going down and the amount of work for under-skilled (aka average) people has disappeared.

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