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Comment Re:Not entirely sure (Score 1) 125

I'm a lot more optimistic than you are. There are people alive now who remember when gays were killed without repercussion, blacks were given separate accommodations, women couldn't vote, etc. We are making rapid change towards equal rights. We aren't there yet but we have really come a long way in a relatively short time.

Frankly I'm surprised how quickly gay marriage became widely accepted. I'm also surprised how fast weed has gone mainstream. I'm normally a pessimist but these things give me hope.

Comment Re:Not entirely sure (Score 1) 125

A lot of the crime I see is bicycle theft and graffiti. Once drones are 2 cents each and fully autonomous anyone who tags a wall will be followed by drones until a policeman hands them a paint brush and forces them at gunpoint to paint over their tag. After a while only people with serious mental problems will tag, and they will be forced to clean it up immediately. Way cheaper for everyone overall.

Same thing for bicycle theft. Followed until forced to give it back, and apologize to the person they stole it from. Nobody steals bikes anymore.

Of course we'll need to figure out a way to deal with mental defectives etc. but actual crime, committed to achieve some kind of result won't be possible anymore.

Comment Re:Not entirely sure (Score 1) 125

What happens when there are no blind spots? Cameras keep getting cheaper and better. Eventually we'll be able to spray camera paint on walls and pave the roads with camera asphault. I think we are headed for a whole new world. We will need to be careful it doesn't turn out fascist. I'm certain that violent and property crime will pretty much end.

Comment Re:Not entirely sure (Score 1) 125

I agree with you in principle but I honestly think we are on the verge of something entirely new.

It will be the end of anonymity, the end of privacy, the end of certain kinds of freedom.

If we can guide our new society we can make it something that I would enjoy. We need to be careful to establish wide liberties on private things such as sexuality, freedom of thought, pursuit of altered states of consciousness. In some of these regards I see promising developments already.

If we can establish wide liberties the surveillance reality won't be all bad. Crimes against other people or their property will effectively vanish since ubiquitous drones, cameras, facial recognition, etc. ensure being caught.

Imagine a world like this, where freedom was valued but violence was simply not tolerated. It is not entirely appalling.

Comment Re:Response to (Score 1) 183

I've been using Walmart online lately as I become more wary about Amazon's size. Their customer service is excellent. When I do in store pickup there is rarely a wait, returns are hassle free, heck even their extended warranty paid for a new bicycle when I wore the old one out.

I wouldn't dream of trying to get an employee to answer any questions beyond where a department is. However for my limited use they are doing a good job. It sure feels weird to have Walmart be the underdog, but up against Amazon I guess they are.

Comment Re:Obviously (Score 1) 382

I see these kinds of buses in San Francisco. They are quiet and powerful. They can really zoom up very steep hills. It's also a common technique for light rail trains, you see them in the south bay for example.

Many people don't like the clutter of the lines and it means the city needs to maintain trees more carefully. For heavily traveled routes it makes a lot of sense.

Comment Re:12 Monkeys (Score 5, Interesting) 301

This technique would work especially well on bedbugs. They perform "traumatic insemination" which is using a knifelike penis to inseminate another bedbug through their exoskeleton. They are not very particular about the fertility status or even gender of the target. A surplus of males would effectively fuck everything to death.

Comment Re:Why pay anybody? Including robots. (Score 1) 142

We can't all invest in index funds. Somebody has to invest in all the companies that aren't included in the major indices, otherwise there won't be anywhere to draw new blood from as companies shrink and die.

I'm personally invested in index funds, but I'm grateful that there are people taking greater risk for potentially greater returns to make the current environment possible.

Comment Re:Common Sense At Work (Score 1) 203

The plume from a chimney doesn't go very high and the particles come down ranging for many miles. Anyone downwind from the chimney is breathing deadly particles.

I love woodfires and the nice smell, but understand how harmful they are. I even burn wood understanding how awful it is, but I'm not in denial about it.

Comment Re:Why this is sad (Score 2) 50

Most people care when anyone they knew dies. It doesn't always matter if you liked them or not, or how well you knew them. Part of it seems to be a reminder of mortality - for example I remember John Hurt making movies when I was young and I'm now older than he was when I first saw him. That's a pretty powerful realization.

The thing about celebrities that makes them interesting is that many people are familiar with them. I might have a stronger emotional attachment to my uncle, but I can't talk about his life with strangers on slashdot.

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