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Comment Re:Starbucks is down too (Score 2) 261

That is a common misconception. Anyone who has to pay for people to handle cash knows that it is not free. It depends on particulars of the business, but in general cash is somewhere between the cost of debit card and credit card fees. You can learn about it from this article [pdf warning]

Comment Re:Maximum yield (Score 1) 813

California seems to have the most uniformly good & adequate roads

Not anymore. When I grew up in the 70s and 80s California roads were the best. Decades of "starving the beast" have resulted in an apocalyptic hellscape. Estimates of annual car damage from bad roads exceed $2000 per vehicle. People routinely total their cars by hitting potholes of ludicrous size. It's embarrassing to drive up to a million dollar house on a beat-to-death road that is somewhat worse than a dirt road.

Comment Re:Samsung marketing is on fire (Score 1) 266

That is funny! I received the exact same response in northern coastal Norway when I would tell people I was visiting as a tourist. They would look at me pityingly and confusedly, search for the polite way to express it, and settle on "...Why?"

I've always lived in tourist destinations and never wondered why people visit. It was eye opening to imagine living somewhere where they never see tourists, to the point that seeing one is so unusual it must be commented upon.

Comment Re:About that "plastic bag filled with black powde (Score 1) 166

air pollution isn't necessarily toxic chemically. You could have a charcoal briquet, which is chemically fine and perfectly safe, but if you grind it up into nanoparticles and blast it into the air it will give people heart disease and cancer. Those dangerous microparticles that are the worst part of air pollution are fine if you get them out of the air. A bag of them or liquid slurry won't hurt anyone. I bet the stuff in China's air has some acids and metals in it that are not very friendly, but again get it out of the air and you have made it far safer.

Comment Re:Prime vs non-Prime (Score 1) 141

Same experience here. I joined prime last year when I moved and needed lots of items quickly and recently canceled. My post-prime shipping is markedly slower - the range of expected delivery is way longer and it nearly always falls at the tail end instead of the front end as it did in the past.

It has alienated me as a customer, I felt that they were attempting to manipulate me into re-priming so now I simply avoid doing business with them unless there is no alternative. Sometimes when I am forced to buy from amazon the price I find with shipping is cheaper than the Prime price, Lolzors!

Comment Re:"Long awaited"? (Score 1) 98

I'm a long time user of GV and started using hangouts a year or three ago. One nice feature is it supports VOIP so you can make voice or video calls without mobile carrier over wifi. I ended up getting a minimal voice minutes plan and saving a bunch every month. GV still works the same way it always has.

Comment Re:Unit conversion not needed (Score 1) 225

Nautical miles are still used by mariners and pilots because it works out so well. It's 1/60th of a degree of latitude and it makes a lot of navigation math easier. I don't think units are magic or anything, but I'll use whatever is easier for the situation. Sometimes imperial units are easier, and sometimes its easier to specify both.

Comment Re:Is this so hard (Score 1) 113

Ah, I remember that dismissive form from the usenet days. Somehow email spam has been completely and utterly solved for me and many others. I use outlook with aggressive filtering at work, and gmail at home. I rarely see spam and rarely have false positives. I forgot all about spam until I saw your post!

I'm confident the same merry fuckers that fixed email spam can fix phone spam.

Comment Re:How durable? (Score 4, Interesting) 160

Fascinating. In dry western wooded mountain areas people are installing metal roofs because it is one of the most resistant to catching on fire during one of the wildfires. A friend was told by the fire department to install a metal roof!

I suppose it could work both ways. A fire that starts inside your house will have no chance to get out (letting water and firemen in) but a fire that starts outside won't be able to get in easily.

Comment Re: Very Basic Income (Score 1) 618

Road wear is almost 100% weather.

Horseshit. I'm not gonna look it up for you, but the worst roads in the country are in the bay area, where most years they get nothing more harsh than a gentle drizzle. The roads do get pounded by lots of heavy trucks, and the legendary car-destroying potholes make the news constantly.

The wear comes from compressive forces from heavy vehicles. Look it up, and learn.

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