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Comment Business (Score 1) 470

So somehow, they have a platform where the users produce the content, and they make the profit, but of course that leads to a number of issues, like, exactly, can we trust the content. Sooo , i have a solution for them, start producing the content, or have each and single post validated, yeah, right, fuck me right?

Comment And.. (Score 1) 44

This is the main reason why I hate cloud products, Simon says, and we are all fucked up, can't count the number of times I have had to relearn Office 365 crap , for something as simple as get a fucking invoice. Google is even worse, they are like, tomorrow, no more feature for you, need support? Ask the community, good luck!

Comment How old is this guy? (Score 2) 729

This guy must belong on the silly generation, save your time click baiting, just read this below.

Let's take for example the manual for my—brace yourself—"ASUS Republic of Gamers Maximus VIII Hero" motherboard. As you can tell by its ridiculous name, this thing is being marketed specifically to people who are building PCs to play games, but there's no easy-to-find "quick setup guide." Instead, there's an inscrutable 160-page manual that didn't help me find out where to plug in anything.

How ridiculous is this?! , why is this even on Slashdot, this is an insult to everyone intelligence.

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