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Comment Good luck (Score 5, Insightful) 356

You know - I'm not even really against the pipeline. IMHO the protesters are over blowing the concerns and construction should have been going ahead.

THAT SAID - the way the authorities have been treating the protesters is absolutely mind boggling. They have a right to protest - and people have a right to film it. Trumping up "riot" charges because you don't like what they're saying is not just sour grapes - it's unconstitutional.

I'm not even sure about my position on the pipeline itself anymore, but everyone involved in the handling of the protests should be either voted out/recalled if elected, or fired if not elected.

Comment Re:Automatic forwarding mail still scanned? (Score 1) 205

The point is that you start giving people a NEW email address and try to get most to start sending there, but for anyone who you miss and doesn't get the updated address, you won't miss their messages. Sure those will still be scanned, but over time the messages coming through Yahoo should be a smaller and smaller percentage of your overall email volume.

Comment Re:This sounds like more of an excuse than a plan. (Score 1) 125

Resolution has nothing to do with the uncanny valley.

A 50 year old television broadcast looks terrible quality wise compared to a scene from Halo 5 - but the human mind still understands that the video recording despite being much lower resolution is still "real".

That's a rendering problem - not a display problem.

Also, for many things, you don't necessarily need to render the world. VR needn't only be games - just as TV's aren't only games but also video content. VR can also be a mix of pre-recorded and live content that is simply experienced. How may people wouldn't mind being able to actually stand on the field and watch the Superbowl, and be on stage at a concert?

Looks at the popularity of things like "haunted house" attractions this time of year when it's mostly a walk-through experience. Something like that that is based on real video but with special effects and post-processing could be MUCH more scary (and much higher quality - kinda like movies freed you from seeing the local theater troupe and let people start seeing performances from the best actors in the world).

Comment Re:WTF is the point of VR? (Score 1) 125

Like, I've talked to a few people online who write the whole thing off because they tried some GearVR plastic cell phone box, and those are pointlessly terrible.

I think that's part of the problem for me. I've still not tried a "real" VR headset like an Occulus or Vive because I don't visit trade shows and I don't know anyone with one. I HAVE tried a Google Cardboard knockoff with a cellphone and the effect was a huge letdown. It FELT like looking at a little screen in front of my face in a box. I'd love to try a better one but at $500-$700 that's not a purchase I can make on a whim just in case I might like it.

4K tv's have displays sitting in big box stores that you can walk by. Heck when I got my first Nintendo as a kid it was because I saw one at someone else's house and just HAD to have one. If HTC or Occulus wants to sell me a VR headset - there needs to be one sitting in Walmart or Best Buy for me to go try - even if for 30 seconds - just to gauge how immersive it is and if it's worth the price.

Comment Re: Comment (Score 1) 319

Well, I'm definitely opposed to this law, but think about your example: regardless of whether you know Anthony Hopkins age or not (I certainly don't know it without looking it up), he is visually and obviously unsuited to that role.

Consider more a case of Emily Kinney, whose age was at one time a bit hard to look up. She was pretty convincingly portraying Beth Greene on The Walking Dead - a 16-17 year old character - while the actress was in her late 20's.

You have to think of cases where people CAN'T really tell that the person isn't suited for the role just by looking at them.

Comment Re:Yup (Score 1) 319

Exactly. Loser pays all system basically means you DO NOT sue a big company regardless of how solid you think your claim is. I don't care if Microsoft wrote a program that caused my computer to intentionally come to life and shoot my dog, I wouldn't sue them for fear of maybe just POSSIBLY losing, which would mean I'm on the hook for their legal fees and I'm basically screwed for life.

Now, loser pays some capped portion of the opponent's legal fees and I could get behind that.

Comment Re:Yup (Score 1) 319

The Supreme Court hasn't seem to have made any rulings lately that I'd say are too far off-base, and their title *SUPREME* court basically means that they're the ones tasked with interpreting what the constitution means. You might as well accuse Hermin Melville of not knowing the ending of Moby Dick.

Of course I'm guessing your post is just another one of those "government is bad, mmmkay" type posts where everyone is always doing everything wrong despite never including any actual examples. It's always easier to bring generic discontent than specific talking points.

Comment Re:Return it as defective. (Score 2) 491

Checking Best Buy's website it doesn't mention any restocking fee. As a matter of fact a search on it indicates that Best Buy did away with virtually all their restocking fees back in 2010.

Did you do any research or did you just assume the Best Buy is going to charge such a fee?

Comment Re:So a guy that runs a ride sharing company. (Score 1) 274

My cars been paid for for ~6 years now. Insurance is $37 per month. Fuel is about $80 per month. Maintenance comes in waves but averages around $50 per month. I don't know of anywhere within 60 miles that doesn't have parking included as part of a lease (and I personally own a home anyways so my driveway doesn't cost extra).

It seems like people try to nickel and dime THEMSELVES when it comes to justify a purchase. Car ownership isn't that expensive.

Comment Re:New form of measurement? (Score 1) 209

That's why I've stuck with Verizon. I live in a small town. Pretty much every major carrier has service here, but for most of them this is the edge of their coverage area - with Verizon it's in the middle.

If I drive even 2 miles outside of town in the wrong direction almost all of them will drop out whilst Verizon will hold a signal out for 20-30 more miles. My parents and my brother both live outside of all the other areas but within Verizon's service area. If I want to have signal when I'm at their houses, I pretty much HAVE to use Verizon.

FWIW though, I've never really had trouble out of them. I still haven't had any strange data usage show up on my account, and maybe I'm just cynical, but in general knowing how incompetent the average person is when it comes to understanding networks I'm betting many others don't really understand it either. I've known quite a few people to accidentally turn their Wifi off and be using mobile data for extended periods of time without realizing it.

Comment Re:New form of measurement? (Score 2) 209

Wow. Uh, no! First off, if she sues them (which is what I was clearly indicating should happen), SHE's the plaintiff.

What is she going to sue for? In order to bring a suit you have to state damages. If she hasn't paid the fine she hasn't been damaged. If she does pay it she's essentially agreeing to it.

You can't just sue to "not pay a bill", unless she somehow wants to somehow claim that receiving the bill caused emotional distress for which she's due compensation (fat chance). She has the choice of ignoring it, and if so Verizon can sue for damages, in which case she'd need to lawyer up in response.

Comment Understandable (Score 1) 153

There's not a whole lot of point in constant downloading of new apps. I use apps a LOT, but the number of apps used just isn't that high.

Aside from the obvious built in Gmail/Calendar/Calculator/Google Music type stuff that's already built in, I've got maybe 2 dozen apps that I use regularly. Unless I have a specific need I'm not going to be looking around for new ones, and for the most part that two dozen has been mostly stable for at least 2 years now.

i know we're supposed to be good consumers and keep ravenously looking around for "NEW STUFF!?!?!", but I just don't see the point.

Comment Re:Why not use DMCA or equivalent? (Score 1) 424

But quick takedowns for relatively unpopular videos(sextape of a non-famous woman in italy) will tend to essentially erase them from internet memory.

I think you'll find that simply doesn't work. People like what's forbidden. A quick takedown of a relatively unpopular video will suddenly make it QUITE a popular video. As a matter of fact since this woman's suicide I'd bet the number of people that have seen this video has tripled.

The easiest way to ensure people want something is to tell them they can't have it, and on the internet people wanting something means it gets shared everywhere.

Comment Re:Why not use DMCA or equivalent? (Score 1) 424

Name any major film for which DMCA takedown notices go out by the bucketload and I'll bet you half a meatball sandwich that it's over on The Pirate Bay waiting for download.

Such measures of limited sucess. If the motive is financial, there might be some benefit. If you can "crackdown on piracy" and manage to eliminate enough bad copies to boost legitimate sales by some percentage, then your actions are considered successful - to a degree.

However when the goal isn't financial, and instead is just to remove all traces of a piece of information from the internet - it can't be done. Thousands of people now have that file on their hard drive. Its being shared on torrent networks. Links are posted to obscure forums spreading it further.

I don't care how much you yell, scream, or pass feel good laws, you can't unscramble an egg.

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