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Comment Get to the core... (Score 1) 26

The ISPs should shame the lawmakers and courts involved.

ie: The following list of civil servants thought this was a good idea and voted it into law. If you disagree, perhaps you should vote for others the next time and be vocal about why you did so.

If the legislative branch knows they'll get voted out of office over something like this, perhaps they'll think twice.

Comment Killer features? (Score 4, Interesting) 87

You want killer features for a conference calling app?

1 - Highlight on your screen all the people who are currently talking.
2 - Automatic transcription of calls with the individuals talking labeled.
3 - Ability to pass along a 'talking now' and 'request talking' tokens so that someone can "raise their hand" while someone else is talking. Also the ability to cede the talking now token to one of the other people talking (for when a lot of people are on a conference call)

Or do current apps have all of this?

Comment Tesla pushing people to buy Model 3 (Score 1) 112

There's a serious price gap between the Model S and the Model 3.

I was kinda hoping that with cheaper battery production the Model S price would come down. Instead the price seems to be slowly creeping up. Admittedly that price includes a lot new features that weren't available three years ago.

I guess I'm just gripping that they don't have a 100kWh battery model that starts under $95k.

Comment Seriously? WTF??? (Score 5, Insightful) 168

I liked the message boards a lot. They gave a bit of insight into the movies and characters you wouldn't get otherwise. Also, if you read a message board in a movie that came out a couple years ago you can see how the messages change from before the movie came out to afterwards.

Yes, there are griefers, but that's just the Internet. If you can't handle it, go elsewhere. Or, if you are IMDB, close up the communication forums.

Comment 3D is not what anyone was ever looking for... (Score 1) 399

3D is not a feature. It's an attempted implementation of a feature.

The feature that people want is 'lifelike' video or immersive video.

To get that at home, I do see two potential technologist that are making headway. 4K TVs (for the color gamut, not the screen resolution) and virtual reality glasses.

Comment I'm seeing more of this lately... (Score 2) 257

At the hospital I work at, I've noticed that a lot more people are watching pirated content. It's no where near the 32% mentioned in the summary, but certainly a much larger percentage than 5 years ago. I basically find out as we discuss various old movies and give each other suggestions on what to watch.

The interesting thing is how these people are getting the movies. It seems that they're getting 'hot boxes', which are apparently copies of Kodi with a set of streaming plugins to pirate sites. These guys (and girls) are not particularly tech-oriented. All they know is that the movies are streamed from pirate websites.

How these people don't get caught is beyond me. But none of them are concerned with the legality of it.

Comment I think they are forgetting the obvious use here (Score 1) 73

If you're going to use magnets, do them right.

Magnetize both airpods and let them attract to each other through the skull. That'll keep them in place.

Bonus points if they use electromagnets that only activate once the devices are both in the ear canal (temperature-based?). Of course, this means that they may decouple once the user dies. I'm sure marketing can spin that in a good way.

Comment Re:Smart Devices (Score 1) 181

The last time I let my Denon receiver update itself, the update stalled and I spent over an hour between manually downloading patches on a desktop and patching it over USB and several calls to their (admittedly fairly good) customer service phone center.

And, of course I had tried the original update just before the kids wanted to use the TV for a movie night.

Fool me once...

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