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Comment Re:Small businesses competing in data driven world (Score 1) 67

My stab at an answer, based on reading Seth's blog for over a year:

  • Embrace your tribe (made up of people who love your product) and encourage its members to help it grow. A strong tribe will bring many repeat customers as well as new customers.
  • Focus on producing a quality product over providing "value for money". The former will engage your tribe, while the latter will just put you on track for a race to the bottom.
  • Employ people who are as excited about your product as you are. This goes double for employees who interact with your customers.
  • Set aside time to work on big ideas. Ideas that other people dismiss as "that will never work". Then implement them and enjoy their success or learn from their failure.
  • Do not let your critics define what you do, including your inner critic. Listen to them, but be wary of their advice.

His answer will probably also include "read my blog or one of my books you can download for free and share with your friends".

Comment Re:What? Read this again! (Score 1) 77

From the article:

to click on an attacker-supplied HTTPS link that looked much like this one that led to the authentic SmartThings login page.

Emphasis mine. Also you can see from the link that that is indeed what it does. Yes it's a phishing attack, but not one that uses a look-alike login page.

Comment Re:What? Read this again! (Score 1) 77

No. One of the flaws is that users who click a link that takes them to THE SMARTTHINGS LOG-IN SCREEN, where they then provide their credentials, which then sends their credentials to some OTHER web site, are then vulnerable to OTHER people using their credentials. The news is that Samsung's API happily sends log-in results to any arbitrary third party. That's bad, although "the OAuth mechanism has recently been fixed."

By posting this here as "news" we can all feel smug and laugh at them and learn from their mistake.

Submission + - Opera Browser Now Comes With Free Built-In VPN

An anonymous reader writes: Opera added a free VPN client with unlimited data usage in its newest developer version. All other VPNs for the major desktop browsers are extensions, with most of them based on a paid-subscription model or offering limited data usage. In this developer release, users can choose from one of three virtual locations – USA, Canada and Germany – but more locations will be available in the stable version of the Opera browser.

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