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Comment Re:Print it out ahead of time (Score 1) 310

Cocky! I was going to challenge you to try this in London, but I see somebody already beat me to it.

I cycle in the inner city every day. I'm good with maps, I have a good sense of direction and spacial awareness... more than 30 minutes studying a new route in Google Maps and examining StreetView to identify and memorise my landmarks for turns and I will still get lost or have to stop frequently to check my phone. Major routes on the map turn out to look minor in real life and you blow past them very quickly. You make a turn in the wrong place and "it feels like" it's going the right way but before you know it you're actually going perpendicular to the route you wanted.

London isn't unique by old world city standards, although it is failrly large. N. American driving is such a breeze in comparison.

Comment Re:Built In Doesn't Warn You About Police (Score 1) 310

it would be rather cool if these in-car systems supported something like AirPlay (doesn't have to be Apple tech; just an example) with display mirroring. You get all the advantages of your phone without the clutter and inconvenience of having your phone mounted on the dash board. Also this would be a bigger more convenient screen size, but would really need to be more of a touch screen extension than mirroring.

Comment Re:Auto (vacation) Reply? (Score 1) 205

It doesn't really surprise me. I've been happy to pay $20/year since the late 90's for Yahoo's premium service. I always thought it worth paying for, especially given how important email is to me and how small this amount of money is. They've been reliable through all these years. A few month's ago I got emails from them about changes in my service and trying to convince me to come back to their ad free service. To which I thought: WTF, I'm on already on this. Nope. Apparently there was a problem processing my payment (I think my card had expired) and they refused to rectify it, nor restore my grandfathered $20/year service telling me I could only switch to their $50/year service. They blamed me for the failure to pay on time, but who's ever heard of a company not notifying you when there's a payment processing problem? They've done this in the past. Given that their free service is good enough, and I use it via IMAP most of the time (95-99%) anyway, I'm not going to pay.

Actually given they way they treated me over this issue, their obvious disregard for customers (paying customers, not their advertising customers), that they've had this massive security breach, the way they handled the security breach, the way they've silently caved in to the US government despite their competitors atleast appearing to make an attempt to resist and that they seem to be either limiting their service or even on the way out of business, I think it's time to leave them. It's annoying because as somebody who's had an email address from them since about 1997 and an address based on my name with no numbers after it blah blah, I've kind of got attached it and don't really want to go through the effort of changing it in so many places.

I really don't want to get in to hosting my own domain and services again, nor having to worry about setting up my own service and the burden of securing it and ensuring IMAP folders are backed-up, etc. I wonder if anybody here can make any recommendations of somewhere where I can park my own domain that provides a decent email service where I can preferably configure as many email addresses (they can be aliases on a small number of mailboxes)? I'm looking for a reasonable cost, and so far what I've seen seemed to be too limited or treated as a bet a small business case (too expensive for home usage)

Comment Re:We don't need slimmer phones (Score 1) 446

What are talking about? Phones are massive these days. The current iPhones range from 113 to 192g. My last non-smart phone weighed about 80g, and was also tiny in comparison - more than 30% smaller because components weren't as light.

The thiness of the current phones also allows to have a larger flat surface to work with, so actually thinness isn't the thing you should be complaining about. My tiny phone I had before had far less area dedicated to the keypad, and I don't really miss having to type every multiple times to write a text.

I do miss though the days when you could get a decent phone that you barely noticed was in your pockets.

Comment Re:End up just like Google+ (Score 5, Insightful) 83

Why do senior managers keep thinking that we want social networks at the office? My previous company tried to foist Jive on us, and other than an initial token gesture by senior management, they didn't use it... and guess what? It's them who already needed to improve their communication with the rest of the company. I really don't give a shit about whatever banal thing somebody's doing today, right this moment. It's just noise. I will socialise in the pub after work, or even at lunch time, where I can speak my mind if I wish. Otherwise these overpriced toys don't help me get anything done.

Comment Re: Cool, and no 4K content (Score 1) 207

We don't get those. I seem to remember getting a lot of pillar-boxed American content long after everything went wide screen here in be UK, so not really surprising to hear there are still some companies in the US so far behind the times. BTW, rather than switching to 4K I wish the industry would hurry up and stop using interlacing, and for American content, NTSC framerates.

Comment Re: Nobody knows yet (Score 1) 165

Omigod it's not like we have to convince Germany to keep selling their cars to us, but that Germany has to convince 26 other states that the deal that's good for Germany is good for them too. Meanwhile Germany has managed amazing trade with China despite no EU-China trade agreement and we're wondering why the UK can't do the same, except perhaps that it produces shit that nobody wants to buy, no matter how much Sterling depreciates.

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