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Comment Re:Popcorn. (Score 1) 382

The problem is that it's just like Brexit. The more you point out that it's a terrible idea and sure to end in disaster, the more people reject expert advice and facts and go with their feelings.

And yet, Brexit didn't turn out to be the disaster that was predicted. More often than not, the "experts" are just going with their feelings as well. The sky isn't actually falling as often as people would like to believe.

As for Clinton, are you really not including Libya and Syria on that list? Benghazi aside, she bragged, in her own e-mails as to being the driving force behind removing Ghadaffi. The region is in chaos and refugees are fleeing everywhere. Siding with the "rebels" against Assad hasn't worked out too well either. Hundreds of thousands are dead due to her regime change games.

Comment ICANN Transfer (Score 1) 194

This is a slippery slope and it's one of the reasons we shouldn't try to fix what isn't broken, by giving up control over domain assignments. We have more of a hands off tradition over here that other countries do not necessarily share.

Comment In a world, where tabs were the right size... (Score 2) 391

I think there'd be less of a debate if tabs were 4 chars in width, out of the box. Not sure they'd even bother with a tabstop setting had that been the case. Granted, you're always gonna have your freaks, like this one guy I worked for who insisted on 3 spaces for indentation, but they would have gotten nowhere had the default tabstop been reasonable from the start.

That being said, spaces for work code, tabs for personal code.

Comment Bad Power Button Placement (Score 1) 203

The only reason I didn't stick with Nexus after my 4, was the idiotic decision to place the power button, right under your index finger, where you're holding the phone. I'd say a good 80% of the times I turned that phone on or off were unintentional.

There aren't many phones that still place it on top, but that was pretty my only requirement for my next phone. Getting tired of all the different models pretty much just being clones of the same crappy design. A little variety would be nice.

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