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Comment Consent is required (Score 1) 219

They conducted a psychology experiment without the consent of the test subjects. I'm not sure what the rules are for private organizations, but I do believe that any publicly funded researcher involved in the experiment, or possibly those who use the results, would be at risk of losing all federal funding. I really hope some lawsuits are filed against facebook and any of the researchers because this shouldn't creep in to becoming an accepted norm.

Comment Re:what a waste (Score 1) 465

The wealthy are a minority by population, but control a majority of the wealth. Their wealth is also more disposable. If the general public was smarter, then money would have less influence. Sadly, most people are ignorant and believe whatever is repeated most often because they don't have the time or intelligence fact check on their own.

Money would also have (slightly) less influence if more people voted. Instead of using the census to distribute representatives, it should be based upon the number of ballots cast in the previous election. If a portion of the population chooses not to vote, they have abdicated their right to representation for an election cycle. Inhibiting a person's ability to cast a ballot should be treated as the highest form of treason.

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