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Comment Re:This confirms my previous speculation (Score 1) 461

These are DNC emails, not State Department. Unless there's talk about sending burglars to the RNC national headquarters to steal documents (where'd we hear that before?), I don't think anyone's going to get killed over these. But then again, there's all those right-wingnut conspiracies about people Hillary and Bill had killed over the years... ;-)

Comment Re:And this will change nobody's minds.. (Score 1) 378

"A very real problem is that genetically modified plants spread and outfight the existing varieties, leading to less diversity."

Of course, one could argue that selective breeding, which mankind has engaged in for about 10,000 years or so, could accomplish the same thing. And yes - you can respond that native varieties could at least evolve fast enough to keep up and compete. But tell that to maize, which I believe domestic corn has just about completely wiped out in the wild...

Comment Re:And this will change nobody's minds.. (Score 1) 378

You missed "They will not believe this report any more than the people who think global warming is a lie or that the creationist 'museum' is factual.." A large portion of the US population, if asked if DNA in food was unnatural and potentially dangerous, would answer ABSOLUTELY YES - eating a chemical such as DNA was harmful.

Yes, we Americans can be that ignorant.

Comment Re:Luz with Cruz (Score 1) 327

I really think the flame logo is supposed to represent the Holy Spirit - you know, since Cruz was anointed by God to run for Prez. All the righty-tighties just eat that stuff up... But I wonder what the Wilks brothers, his major financial backers, think of the Carly thing. They don't think rightly of a woman being in a position of power.

Comment Re:never was complicated (Score 1) 532

Of course, if Ziltoid really was omniscient, then he/she'd simply have to think it. But saying it would add dramatic effect. And the exceedingly small acceleration rate would definitely subtract from that dramatic effect. Being omniscient though, Ziltoid could simply suspend time for local observers, which would then see the effects much later, and be really impressed.

On the other hand, since Ziltoid is omniscient, he/she would simply just will itselt to its destination, rather than waiting on the wimpy EmDrive.

Comment Re:Does it count as "evidence" (Score 1) 258

I wonder how much mass this planet contributes to the dark matter issue?

Well, since the first (and most significant?) evidence for dark matter was the fact that the outer portions of the arms of spiral galaxies were traveling much faster than the calculated total mass of those galaxies predicts they would (due to gravitational attraction), then, yeah - I'd say this fully debunks the evidence for dark matter ;-)

Comment Re:Neat... but why? (Score 2) 285

So can someone tell me how this doesn't violate Net Neutrality rules? Video streamed from Comcast's own source properties doesn't count towards data caps, yet watching the same movie from Netflix does? And Netflix has their own caching servers installed directly inside Comcast's distribution network? WTF?

Comment Incredible Melting Man (Score 1) 378

Saturn, we will have the incredible melting man then?

What a great B-movie that was! Ok, C-movie, then.

When it came out in 1977 and made it my local theater in a small town in the American South, it beat the previous record-holder for the longest lines at the theater box office - Jaws.I'll have to find the MST3K version of it!

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