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Comment Birds... (Score 1) 170

If a bird shaped / massed object presents a serious hazard to your aircraft, then your aircraft was never safe to begin with. Don't take me wrong, I'm all for responsible drone ownership and flying, however if you are seriously worried about the ability of a 2 lb drone to take down your aircraft, you should be much more worried about the 10lb canadian goose you are just as likely to hit.

Comment Re:Likely won't eventuate (Score 5, Informative) 298

If you want near zero deaths in commercial aviation, you only need to look to the present. Last year there were exactly zero passenger deaths from western built jets if you exclude acts of violence. (Parachutes won't save you from a bomb) That is a number that includes 3.7 billion tickets and 32 million miles of flying.

Comment Re:Retracted.... no story here (Score 2) 361

Forced to retract is different than retracted. I find it easy to believe an idiot in management approved this. I find it easy to believe an idiot in management quickly tried to unapproved this when he got his ass handed to him by the internet. I think extraordinary evidence is required to believe "the true management" didn't know about this when the public outcry is this great.

Comment Sounds cheaper than going to the theater (Score 1) 288

This is much cheaper than going to the movie theater if you have kids. Baby sitter and movie tickets are easily 50$. Add in cost of food or drinks it swings even more towards the staying home. Also, you can have as many drinks as you want and not have to worry about driving. Even if you don't have kids, 4 adults watching the movie and this is cheaper than a theater.

Comment Re:Some jobs will always be safe (Score 5, Informative) 156

If we can have Robots that make everything for nothing, including themselves, then we will be in a Utopia as no one will have want for anything. If there is a dictatorship (economic or not) that keeps people from having things that are no longer a scare resource, that is a problem that has nothing to do with robotics.

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