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Comment Re:Build a Linux box and use Wine if needed (Score 1) 249

What about software that can't run in Wine? Or software that may (partially) run in Wine but isn't supported there? Are you so short-sighted and/or inexperienced that the fact there are many Windows-only solutions out there in use as a critical part of many businesses is news to you?

Comment Re:"...disabled by default." (Score 1) 249

If that happens (fat chance unless MS decides corporate suicide is a good plan) then Windows will be dead. Unlike many Linux fanatics like to claim there plenty of Windows software with no equivalent on other platforms (and not working in Wine), much of that is in daily use for real corporations making real money. But those are Win32 software - not metro (whatever) ones. So if MS would decide to stop supporting "desktop" programs they would alienate a huge portion of their commercial users and probably lead to a mass exodus to Linux or other alternative platforms for both users and (previously) Windows-only software creators.

Comment Re: Baseline for zero activity (Score 4, Informative) 164

Appropriate energy intake for critically ill mechanically respirated patients ~1900kcal/day. That is adjusted for the body weights etc.

Shows that 1000kcal is appropriate for a sedentary 3 year old, 2400kcal for an average 18 year male and 2000kcal for average 18 year female. That is for moderately active people, sedentary people need less and those with high activity need more.

Comment Re:And they called me crazy. (Score 2) 276

You haven't been proved right and you had an extremely bad knowledge of material science in the linked post. Given that you don't attempt to backtrack now I assume you still are proud to be clueless? And you are also a liar as nobody called you crazy for the linked (still clueless) post.

But I have to admit you are beginning to look like a crazy guy that just "know" that hydrogen can't be metastable while material scientists have good reasons to believe it probably is.

Comment Re:Convenient (Score 2) 276

They have tested it before, this was yet another test. And if you had spent some time reading about the problems the team faced (pressures being so high that it can shatter diamonds easily) you'd not be surprised the diamond cell was destroyed - as (again from the problems documented) shining a laser at a diamond under that kinds of pressure makes it even more fragile.

So instead you wrote some shit based on nothing. Time well spent? Nah.

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