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Comment Re:So the hospital was correct? (Score 1) 64

Conclusion? You are only hearing the parents story AS THE HOSPITAL IS FORBIDDEN TO SPEAK!

Now if there will be a trial then maybe (unless the judge want to/can make some information secret given it is about an underage child) we will hear the hospitals _and_ social services version. What we already know (as it isn't confidential) is that the parents made sure that their child got a worse situation than the state wanted (by threatening lawsuits etc. to people that did nothing wrong).

The story stinks however where the stank comes from is unknown to the public. But this "hacker" is an asshole anyway and should grow up, shut up and stop behaving like an idiot.

Comment Re:There is something to that... (Score 1) 492

He mentioned iMac - not MBP. He also mentioned a specific sum and that this configuration didn't include an SSD. SSD stands for Solid State Drive, it doesn't imply a specific interface. So no, the MBP doesn't have a superior storage solution compared to SSD - it uses an SSD with PCIe connection (hopefully NVME - but Apple likes their "special sauce"). A solution which also is available in less costly PCs.

So how is this in any way relevant?

Comment Re:MicroSD slot you stupid bitches! (Score 1) 82

Few lines of code? You have no idea what you are talking about, the short name generation code itself is more than a few lines of code.
[Personally I both hate and admire the VFAT format, hate it because MS could have used a more modern filesystem instead the FAT32 one (which really isn't suited to any media) and admire that they actually made a format that have some form of backwards compatibility and still keep the general FAT design. The alternatives for long filename support in OS/2, GEOS (not the C64/Apple version) and other systems was to keep long filenames in a separate file requiring an indirection and making file name updates asynchronous with other file changes.]

To continue it is possible to write FAT32 code without VFAT support, make a modification so that no short filename is generated etc. or just interpret the UEFI (? think that's it) standard document that describes the file format (and includes a licence and patent grant from MS) as making VFAT patent free.
But then the SDXC standard requires exFAT support... That's a bit harder to handle.

Comment Re:And yet (Score 1) 409

One have to be a fool to believe Assange. Why?

. He willingly traveled to Sweden. Why didn't he believe that he would be extradited then?
. He willingly traveled to UK. Why didn't he fear extradition? Note that the UK-US extradition treaty is heavily skewed to make extraditions easier to the US and that the UK is very close to the US.
. He have claimed that Sweden doesn't guarantee he will not be extradited.

That is obvious given that it would be against Swedish law to do so, the extradition process requires 1) that an extradition request exists (it doesn't in this case) 2) that information about the extradition request is available (there isn't a request nor information) 3) there have to be a process to determine if an extradition should be done.
So giving a guarantee would requiring rewriting of laws _and_ enable Assange to flee somewhere even if he would be linked to e.g. child trafficking or terrorism as the guarantee would have to be generic! Assanges lawyers knows this and know that it is a bullshit argument.

. He knows that for Sweden to extradite someone to the US _assuming_they_got_the_request_ Sweden have to seek permission from the UK. In other words he is as safe in Sweden as he is/was in the UK!
. He knows that Sweden never extradites anyone that could face the death penalty. Even so he and his idiot followers keep trying to portrait going Sweden as being the same as being extradited to face the death penalty.

Comment Re:But what is it used for? (Score 1) 252

What is you alternative?
Reference counting? That's GC and commonly the slowest type of GC.
Having the compiler track allocations? Regions are also a type of GC.
Ownership types? I would still call that GC as things are tracked etc.
Doing it manually? It doesn't scale, it hard to do, fails often (catastrophically) and for any type of non-trivial task will add some kind of GC.

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