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Submission + - Facebook and Whatapp discontinue support for Blackberry (

Meshach writes: Today it has been announced that Facebook and WhatApp have both discontinued support for Blackberry smartphones including BlackBerry 10 and BBOS platforms. Apparently Blackberry fought to have the support continue but in the end they were not successful. BlackBerry has had to replaced their official Facebook App with a native app that uses a simple web interface.

Comment Fueled by recent change to Twitters TOS (Score 2) 191

Comment Re:Drones and Cars and Guns (Score 1) 151

And which of these has the least regulation? And which has the higher chance of injuring or killing someone? Amazing that they want license plates and insurance for "model aircraft", but apparently you can buy a gun and just start shooting it, no safety classes, no training, not even a seatbelt required.

People have flown these model aircrafts next to airports and runways causing real aircrafts to be unable to take off and land causing huge inconveniences and costs to thousands of people. It is not just about what has the chance to injure or kill someone but costing whole industries lots of time and money.

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