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Comment Re:Sorry Blizzard, no longer a customer (Score 1) 431

...In order to get that gear, those achievements, etc, time must be invested. Someone, somewhere has to lead that player through that content, show them the ropes, carry them somewhat, and so on. This means that someone gave them a chance and let them into the raid.

Pugs generally are not the right place to gain that sort of experience. The place to gain that type of experience is in an appropriate guild. Which, of course, is NOT a 'hardcore' guild. Pugs don't want to carry members, as generally there is no return (in terms of raiding) on the time you invest into the members of a pug.

Fast-forward to the guy setting up a pug, or reviewing a guild application, who is looking at this material. He (or she) is planning to profit by this effort, by not needing to expend it themselves. Because of the way raid lockouts and guild membership works, they are necessarily doing this at the expense of those that DID invest the time on them.

I don't think you understand it exactly... there's no way for me to profit off the effort of others, in game terms. Either I'm in the raid doing my part, or I don't get even get a chance at loot.

Reviewing guild apps is completely different from pugging, but I'll say, there's no in game reward for leading pugs/raids/guilds... it's basically a bunch of extra work and hassle, and the only benefit you CAN get out of it is a good group of people to work with. Think of it more like you are interviewing potential co-workers, instead of as a boss with a more abstract stake.

Now, half of the time the person in question is a truly unpalatable type that didn't quit the guild but got ejected. Gearscore won't tell you that, and that is a tiny bit of shadenfreude in way of consolation. But the other half of the time players that set these requirements are profiting off of the players like myself, and they often take the time to insult me for my efforts.

Just sad, really.

Not really sure where you're coming from with this, it came a little out of left field. However, I never said gearscore should be used to determine entry into a guild (that would actually be a very bad criteria for guild apps).

What I DID say, is that gearscore is a useful tool for me to get a general idea of experience level for pugs. It will not tell me if they're a good player and it will not tell me if their gear is properly itemized/gemmed/chanted. It is not a perfect diviner of skill or knowledge... but again, from the perspective of a raid leader, it allows me to filter out SOME of the potential raiders. I know automatically that anyone with less than a 4k gearscore is basically going to get carried through ICC. Even an amazing player with that kind of gear score isn't going to be putting out worthwhile numbers, regardless of skill. Several of my ghetto 80 alts would never attempt to pug an ICC, for exactly that reason.

It's a screening tool. The same way that job recruiters will discard resumes with spelling or grammar errors just to lower the number remaining. Some pugs set their requirements high, just like some companies set their standards high. They aren't trying to make sure everyone has a spot, they are just trying to succeed.

As far as the insulting goes, it's unfortunate, but as I'm sure you've noticed, the internet tends to make assholes out of all but the nicest people. Gamers tend to be even worse.

Comment Re:Sorry Blizzard, no longer a customer (Score 1) 431

I have nothing against requiring some prerequisites like completed a lower level raid or have a reasonable gear score. Unfortunately most players who spam the trade channel for a raid pug require that you've already achieved that particular raid instance or a gear score so high that requires you to have farmed that raid repeatedly.

These are not requirements set out by Blizzard. They are set out by other players. I know that as an experienced player and raid leader (for over two years), I tend to set the bar higher for pugs I don't know than I would realistically require from players I know. GS and achieves give me a convenient way of getting a general idea of experience level. Most of the pugs that are requiring you to have a high gs are probably doing that deliberately. They specifically DON'T want you if you're new to the content. They DON'T want to have to stop and explain fights to the newbie, especially in ICC where one clueless person flailing around will not only kill themselves, but will also wipe the raid. They DON'T want to wipe 2-3 times on a boss while the newbie "gets it". They are looking for other experienced players to roll through the content quickly and (hopefully) in a relatively painless manner.

Not trying to be argumentative, but you're looking at the pug requirements from the wrong angle.

Comment (Score 1) 77

More often, WoW players are targeted in game, via in game mail, trade chat spam, whisper spam/phishing attempts, and lately on my server, the spammers have actually been running 25+ identically dressed characters into SW and arranging them into URLs and/or gold site names. I don't think I've ever received an actual email that was a WoW related phishing attempt. What amuses me is how broken the english usually is in these attempts, as if people wouldn't clue in that "Blizz SLECT U FROM ALL GAME PLAYS. U WIN FREE UNICORN-HORSE!!! Claim at " isn't from blizzard.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 404

My favorite shutdown-ism is when Vista tries to shut down, freezes, and then throws up the "These applications are preventing the computer from shutting down" screen. Inevitably, it's Outlook on my work computer, asking if I really want to delete my deleted items... The best part? The screen which notifies you of what is preventing shutdown blocks your ability to interact with the application which is currently blocking the shutdown.

Comment Re:beyond stupid. (Score 1) 318

Perhaps you should look at WoW armory. The new feed does not just say when you get phat new lootz.

It also says what dungeon boss you killed at what time... I just viewed my main's armory profile, and you can tell which heroics I did yesterday (hint: all of them) and achievements as well as the upgrades I got.

Even without getting an upgrade, doing anything besides standing in Dalaran or farming mats (i.e. anything non-trivial) can trigger an update on you.

Comment Re:It seems (Score 2, Informative) 318

Oh they ruin the game. As mentioned in sister posts, there are more than just "harvester" bots. They are a lot more sophisticated than you think.

I just started playing WoW again after an 8 month break and I was dismayed at the number of bots in the new "random" dungeon feature. They're sneaky... they'll buff you appropriately, and if you whisper it, the bot will even respond. Then it will follow you through the instance doing the minimum possible. It becomes immediately apparently if you have a good damage meter. There's no way that someone with a 5k+ gear score (that means decked out in t9 raiding gear or better) should be barely pulling 1k dps.

It is frustrating to have your random dungeon ruined by a bot... can't kick them until after the 15 minute cooldown is up, can't leave and re-queue until your 15 minutes are up. You're either forced to wait out 15 minutes - and honestly most heroics take about that time - or you can drag along a severely under-performing bot and fulfill it's purpose of "power gathering" emblems of triumph.

Personally, I wait it out and then kick them.

Comment Re:Barely a start (Score 2, Insightful) 203

Unfortunately, "That guy" is at least one third of the gaming populace, with a large overlap with the "Rage quitters" group.

I agree totally though. I semi-regularly get accused of hacking for some of the stuff I manage to pull off, and I don't even feel that it's really that special. But, it's the internet. And, no-one could POSSIBLY be better than THAT GUY at ... so if they beat him, they MUST be hacking, right?

Comment Re:Underwriters (Score 1) 505

"What happens if they get into schools or colleges and start posing as staff or faculty?"

Sadly that has already happened long ago. Shitty profs are shitty profs. And, I'd rather have a shitty prof JUST out of school (who may actually understand the internet and at the very least may post notes) rather than a shitty OLD prof who sucks and doesn't understand this new-fangled internet thing.

Comment Re:Old people - please die (Score 1) 316

While written in an inflammatory manner, I really do agree with you.

Unfortunately, there will be new stupid morons to replace the old guard. Most people have no understanding of computers beyond how to use their favorite social networking site, to them the computer is a "magical" box which can do stuff and get them to the internets.

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