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Comment Re: Probably. As resource-rich as Earth. (Score 1) 123

It's pretty doubtful that any kind of pre-biotic organic matter could even survive where there is a large biosphere with thousands of species that eat such matter are around. As to not observing things, well, no one has observed a quark, or indeed, any elementary particle, and we can only infer their existence from other lines of evidence. Does that mean electrons are impossible, or does it just mean that direct observation is not the only way you confirm a theory?

Beyond that, other aspects of your post amount to straw men. There's no reason to believe DNA was the first means of passing hereditable traits, or that the earliest self-replicating molecules were much like life we observe today.

Comment Re:Best use of your Entertainment $ out there (Score 2) 90

The big advantage of the content Netflix itself produces, or at least buys outright, is that it can show it in all the countries it is available in. So while a specific show, like the Marvel series, may be considered "niche" when one looks at one single market, the viewership in all markets for even a niche show can be substantial.

Comment Re:Luke Cage and Daredevil Season 2 were awesome (Score 1) 90

I don't know, Shades by the third to last episode is the only bad guy that's making any sense at all. Diamondback may be channeling Samuel L Jackson's Bible quoting from Pulp Fiction, but he comes off as reckless to the point of stupidity. Cottonmouth at least tried to be strategic.

Comment Re:basic income (Score 1) 875

Comparing committing a felony to receiving state benefits is a false comparison, and I think you know it. The constitution protects the voting franchise, and does not permit its limitation save through due process (in other words the courts). A felony may be voluntary, but that doesn't mean every voluntary act is a felony.

One way or the other, there are going to be a very large number of people who cannot achieve sufficient employment, as we currently understand it, to pay for their rent and food. I don't give a rat's ass about Libertarian principles (I think the entire group of Anarchist and Libertarian philosophies to be unworkable in practice), what I do know is that people are going to have to have some ability to survive when AI and robots are doing even many low-skill service industry jobs, and even performing many mid-level skill jobs. Whether it's UBI or it's much higher minimum wages, the corporate world is going to have to pay if it wants to heavily automate, and the practice of corporations to hide behind some sort of Libertarian pronouncements about the unworthiness of people receiving state money won't cut it.

Comment Re:Luke Cage and Daredevil Season 2 were awesome (Score 5, Interesting) 90

I think the long term is likely to be a heavy mix of both; licensing material from other studios, along with producing its own. Netflix largely got into this because of House of Cards, which, as I understand it, had already had a first season in the can and Netflix shelled out for it. It was the great experiment, and its success convinced Netflix that it could work at least in some capacity as its own network.

I think the long-term game for Netflix is probably convincing more studios to make content for it to distribute, and that is disruptive. Amazon is moving in the same direction, so I think we are seeing the first waves of what will be a heavy disruption of the traditional model. The more content the online services have, the more people will cut the cord, and the long term outlook for the traditional TV networks looks pretty grim.

Comment Re:Luke Cage and Daredevil Season 2 were awesome (Score 1) 90

The biggest problem I have with Cage is that it just seems to crawl through the middle of the series. Now that I'm near the end things are actually happening again, but yes, it seems to be the least of the Marvel shows on Netflix. Still, it's better than a lot of the network crap, and being that it is Netflix, they can push the boundaries more. I still think jessica Jones was the best of them, if for no other reason than David Tennant makes one of the best super villains I've ever seen in any medium.

Comment Re:CO2 didn't cause Venus' hellish conditions (Score 2) 123

It's my understanding that Venus's closer proximity to the sun isn't the most significant reason for its heat up. For whatever reason, a proper carbon cycle didn't evolve or broke down, thus leading to increasing amounts of CO2. No doubt greater solar radiation played a part, but at least by current theories, Venus does lie within the "Goldilocks Zone", albeit close to the inner edge. By the same token, Mars lies towards the outer edge of the Goldilocks zone, and the chief reason it doesn't have any significant amount of liquid water is simply because its gravity isn't sufficient to hold on to a dense atmosphere, and the dense atmosphere it once had dissipated into space.

One theory I've read as to why the carbon cycle may have failed on Venus is that the lack of a satellite, in particular a large satellite like the Moon, meant that plate tectonics never developed, and thus you didn't have a carbon "conveyor belt".

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