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Comment Re:Lesson: Licensing costs suck (Score 1) 286

The "vizor" is responsible for providing the hardware virtualization to the guest. This does not perform 100% the same as the physical host. Even if the host is empty save for this one guest VM, it will still not perform equally to an identical install on the same hardware. You'll get great results for simple shit like file servers, but your stance is simply not true for all enterprise applications.

Comment Re:Lesson: Licensing costs suck (Score 2) 286

You assume too much. Support for RedHat or Windows Server is not a 100% guarantee that a product will work fine when the OS is virtualized. There are many products out there that are not supported when virtualized, or that have support for specific virtualization platforms. Typically the compatibility issues surface when a product is extremely sensitive to time or where performance has been a problem in the test lab. This extends into desktop virtualization as well.

Comment Re:Survival of the fittest, not planned improvemen (Score 1) 97

I'm just curious why this guy thinks humans started without color vision. Does he have proof of this change or is he just assuming that it is right purely because he cannot disprove it? Sometimes it is better to just admit we don't know why something is the way it is and do real science to figure it out, rather than spouting off nonsense.

Comment Re:How do you keep it clean? (Score 1) 87

Not to mention they are usually staffed with physical therapists who can do this gait detection along with a long list of other healthcare related tasks. I see this being more useful in video games and not so much in healthcare, but we all know which one will rake in the government research grants.

Comment the missing feature (Score 2) 210

Remotes today all miss the big feature we want: two-way communication. If the state of the devices can be reported back to the controls, it opens the door for better interfaces. Until that happens across the industry, we'll be stuck with cluttered and confusing designs. Apple AirPlay is promising, but it requires a compatible device and expensive hardware (Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, etc).

Comment Re:Considering how often Adderall is abused... (Score 1) 611

Careful. You are setting up a nice straw man fallacy. Want milk straight from the cow? "Down with the war on drugs!" That isn't a valid argument.

As to the topic, we've just forgotten the history here. These federal departments and regulations exist because there were serious problems to solve at the time. Milk needs to be consistently safe at the grocery. Kids shouldn't die from measles. We should be able to trust that toys sold to our youth won't give them lead poisoning. And so on...

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