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Comment Re:That's exactly how it SHOULD work! (Score 1) 215

Yes, but that conversation will never happen until it after it becomes a big issue. Many people simply can't fathom a world in which there is not enough work to go around.

And that world is coming much faster than we realize. I hate to say it but population control is probably going to be a reality at some point too.

Submission + - What to do with leftover CO2 Cartridges? Shoot them!

MikeDataLink writes: The Geek Pub has a really neat contraption for what to do with all of those leftover CO2 Cartridges after spending the after noon in your backyard plinking with your BB gun!

Turn them into ammo and blow holes through plywood and cinder blocks! All you need is some PVC pipe and an air compressor. Its a great way to have some fun and recycle some would be trash into something useful!

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