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Comment Realtor (Score 1) 368

While the web has given everyone access to what's for sale, that does not replace the knowledge that realtors have about neighborhoods, nor does it give the buyers and sellers the experience with negotiations. How would a robot handle problems with an inspection, or deal with having the sellers leave junk behind after they move out? I think there are a lot of service sector jobs like this that are semi-professional and require a nuanced approach to the business.

Now a real AI, that could do the job of a realtor rather nicely.

Comment Re:proudly going out of business since 1976! (Score 3, Informative) 133

He didn't exactly "prop them up". Microsoft bought $150MM shares of non-voting stock (which they sold at a huge profit). Apple didn't need money at the time, they needed legitimacy, which this investment provided.

In return for this, Apple dropped a multitude of patent-infringement lawsuits against Microsoft (which Apple appeared to be wining), and licensed those technologies to Microsoft. These were not related to Microsoft's anti-trust issues, nor was the existence of Apple. It's OK that Microsoft was a monopoly - monopolies are legal - it's the abuse of the power the monopoly gave them.

Comment Re:laptops on the conveyor belt (Score 3, Informative) 170

I think the fact that they are actually catching a lot of stuff ... you know, the point of TFA ... proves the screening worthwhile. And they don't "sell" you a special line. You pay for the process of being vetted, and then they do minimal screening after that. It's kinda like getting the Sentry Pass at the border.

Comment Re:Surprised (Score 1) 533

Thanks, but, as a professional, I think she probably knows her business.

But you're forgetting the main point of my original post: there are, according to employers and employment agencies, about 100K unfilled jobs in all of Minnesota, which clearly includes out-state. Additionally, she is offering the AVERAGE wage as the starting wage, which is actually quite good. Anyway, that was just an anecdote, that should could hire 200 people on any given day at that wage. I'm sure she has a range of wages and jobs available.

Comment Re:Surprised (Score 1) 533

They do! Her agency and many other put signs all over the place. There are "help wanted" signs all over the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. They even print them on some receipts. My friend and employers hold free job fairs where they virtually hand out jobs - but not many people show up. I see those advertised all the time, too. Her agency makes money by placing employees.

It's amazing you can assert my friend's claims are bogus simply because they don't match up with your world view.

By the way, for reference, the stated unemployment rate in Minnesota is 4%, and has been for some time. A bit lower than the rest of the country's average.

Comment Re:Surprised (Score 1) 533

I know a woman who runs an employment agency. She recently attended a conference here in Minnesota that was designed to figure out how to fill all of the unfilled jobs in the state. The conference produced data showing that there are approximately 100,000 jobs available in Minnesota that can't be filled because of lack of skills or lack of interest. My friend says that she could hire 200 people on any given day for full-time jobs, with benefits, starting at $15/hour, no experience required.

Yet, there are people on street corners with "please help signs". My friend always gives them her card, but they just toss them on the ground.

My point is: anyone who wants to work can get a decent job, at least in Minnesota. If they're not working, they just don't want to, either because they're lazy, or the dole is good enough for them.

Comment Re: Dear Apple fans: (Score 1) 471

I don't know how this "they pay almost no taxes" think got started. They paid over $13B in 2015for US federal taxes alone. The beef people have with Apple is that they aren't paying US taxes on money made overseas by keeping it overseas. And they have been accused of having a sweetheart deal with Ireland, which Ireland denies.

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