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Comment Re:How to Break Out? (Score 1) 1042

I think the idea is that theoretically if we could contact the owners of the simulation they could possibly download our minds and place us into their reality. These billionaires don't understand that their billions mean nothing to the simulation owners, they can't bribe their way out. Maybe, just maybe if you are a super genius above all geniuses in even their simulation, they might see a reason to download you. Might..

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 367

What if say, you could get an hourly rental car like a ZipCar to come pick you up? It hobbles along the road, and a low speed independently. You get in, drive where you need to go, get out, and it hobbles along until it finds another passenger or parking space. Would still be much cheaper than the average taxi service, and not require you to have to walk a vast distance to the nearest parking spot.

Comment Re:Smart or not... (Score 1) 105

The article put the wrong picture in there. Notice it does say Next 1000 in there. BMW (the parent company), is planning a
Mini Copper Next 1000
BMW Next 1000
Rolls Royce Next 1000

The BMW next 1000 which is supposed to have a removable steering wheel, but still that picture isn't quite right, I'm not sure where its from but the RR next 1000 that is not.

Comment Re:Radiation (Score 1) 412

It should be possible if you plan a descent to be opposite a "normal" assent from Mars (not that we have done that).
Its 3800 deltaV from Mars surface to low Mars orbit, it should be similar cost to land.
That said, 3800 deltaV is still a lot, and I can't imagine it would be feasible to "stage" a re-entry.

Comment Re:Generic? (Score 1) 211

There is also a difference between.

I need an internet connection.
I need a connection to the Internet.

I personally would capitalize the later but not the first, previous AP guide said that both should be capitalized.

I wonder if there is a difference between. "The Internet is down," and, "My internet is down" ??

Comment Re:Yeah, so... (Score 1) 655

Self driving taxis (which eventually most self driving cars will be, why own?) will make taking public transit much easier though. No need to worry about where you are going to park. Take the taxi to the metro, take the taxi to your final destination. It solves the last mile problem of public transportation in rural areas nicely.

Comment Kiosk good but won't replace jobs. (Score 1) 921

I've seen a few fast food restaurants add ordering kiosk around here. Its seems to actually improve service and doesn't impact jobs.
Normally, the person taking your order normally is constantly switching between taking your older and trying to fill your order. They also have to constantly swap gloves as they deal with cash then food and visa versa (or they don't). Allow the workers to concentrate on the main job of making food and they produce a better and more hygienic product. At places with kiosk they seem to have just as many workers, but they are more productive and the lines are much shorter and things move at a quicker pace.

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