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Comment Re:Vulkan (Score 1) 170

The point of Metal, Vulkan and DX12 is that they give a fairly low-level abstraction to the graphics hardware.
No web site should have low-level access to the user's system in any way. That is the big fallacy here.

As to platforms, all Apple iPhones and iPads have come with PowerVR GPUs. PowerVR was an early adopter of Vulkan and one of, if not the first to demo it.
For Apple to adopt Vulkan should not be too difficult for them. Apple only does not want to because they are too invested in Metal.

Comment Re:Would you prefer that it be exclusive to an OS? (Score 3, Informative) 229

Hell Yes, I want only native applications to access my Bluetooth devices: Only the apps that I choose to install and only those which I give permission to access Bluetooth devices directly,

That's two layers of security right there that I don't want to trade away.
Building cross-platform apps is another problem.

Comment GOTO is useful ... when you have nothing else (Score 2) 600

In my opinion there are valid uses of GOTO where it could be used, but nowhere else, especially in C.
Modern languages should preferably have constructs especially for those cases so that you wouldn't have to use GOTO, but many languages don't.

The article already mentions error handling in languages without RAII or exceptions, where resources have to be deallocated. Note also that not all resources are objects on the heap: The function may need to close a file or a network connection etc.

I find goto most useful for for breaking out of loops. Many languages have constructs especially for breaking out of nested loops to a scope that encloses the enclosing loop but there is one class of loop that is rarely supported: Loops for looking up an item in a data structure, you want to take a different code paths for when an item has been found to when the loop has run its course without a result.
The only major language I know of that supports this with its own construct is Python in the form: for: ... break ... else: ..., where the else-block is taken only if you did not break out of the loop.
In languages that allow nested break statements you could emulate that by enclosing the loop within an outer loop and breaking out of that but IMHO that would be even less readable than using GOTOs.

Comment Is the forum really worth being at? (Score 2) 477

I would see if there was another forum that was better. If the users in a forum are too elitist and unfriendly to newbies then there are probably other people who also view the forum in the same way, who have left to form (or liven up) another forum.

I am active on several forums where yes, such users as you describe do exist, but there are also almost always friendly users who see it as their task to help newbies out. You could perhaps wait a little while for that person or people to post.

That said, on many forums that are related to a hobby, you are expected to do your research before posting. Some have Wikis or other informative posts with info on how to do certain things.
Too many times I see newbies create a new thread the first thing they do, in which they ask for someone to do all the work for him - and that never flies.

Instead, show that you do have some knowledge and that you are looking for a missing piece in a puzzle, people's opinions and advice.
Your post should also be simple to read, specific and to the point. People should ideally find out already from the subject headline what you are trying to find out. A thread with the subject "Somebody please HELP ME" and a post that is one long run-in sentence does not work. (I see those threads all the time, unfortunately)

Comment Re:The point (Score 1, Insightful) 532

Oh, that is an age-old argument that has been debunked time and time again.
The extra cost of health care for smoking-related diseases eclipse the tax incomes many times over. That goes for the UK, Germany and many other countries in Europe.

Also, it can be somewhat difficult to know what exactly caused some health problem. Yes, smoking increases the risk of suffering from cancer, but lay people don't often know about the link between smoking and cardiovascular disease - which is even more significant.

Comment Re:How soon until this is extended to other areas? (Score 0) 532

Smoking is not a lifestyle choice! There is no choice involved in smoking. Nobody in their right mind chooses to smoke.
Smoking is drug addiction and drug addiction is technically a mental disease. Drug addicts may believe that they chose to use the drug but that is more or less the drug talking, them trying to rationalize about their habit.

The difference between smoking and snorting or injecting a drug is that smoking recruits new addicts through the air. Nicotine being as addictive as any drug can be (on par with heroin), new active smokers are created primarily from passive smokers.
That is why banning smoking in public places, and especially among children and adolescents is so important.
That is also how smoking is shameful - not for what you do to yourself but for what you do to others.

Personally, I am all for banning smoking outright but ... it should be replaced with vaping. The time is right for it - it exists, it works, there is an industry and infrastructure for it. The only thing needed is the political will.
That way, addicts could continue ingesting nicotine in a manner similar to how they are used to but they would not "recruit" any new addicts.

BTW. Similarly, think that that legalizing smoking of marijuana for medical treatments is bollocks. Marijuana may have beneficial health effects for certain patients but if you smoke it then you would also get many of the same ill health effects as from smoking tobacco

Comment What an idiot (Score 4, Insightful) 80

There is no doubt that this is both unethical and illegal in most jurisdictions.

It also won't work. Regular computer users are not knowledgeable. Even experienced users, even people with college degrees in computer security will err. People will mistake the dialogue box for an ad, people will think that it will go away with a reboot, etc. That users err is a natural law, the first thing they teach you in User Interfaces 101.

It won't be fool-proof. Even perfect software has bugs. The Internet has outages. People don't always unfiltered Internet access: people travel with their computers, people use their company's computers behind high corporate firewalls etc.

It will be dangerous. People will get their files deleted, and then they will get angry.
Even if the author's actions may be legal within the jurisdiction in which he lives (which is doubtful)... he will have made himself a target.
Delete the files of the wrong person, and he might end up with a busted skull with his blood on the pavement.

Comment The title is wrong. 4K != UHD (Score 4, Informative) 304

Theatrical 4K is not the same as Ultra-HD, often marketed as "4K UHD". Seriously, don't muddle these up! The linked article did not, it even had "Theatrical 4K" explicitly, being a link to an explanation of the differences.

The cinema standard 4K is 4096*2160, not quite 16:9 aspect ratio. However, movies can be of any aspect ratio that would fill either the width or the height. With Star Wars being in 2.35:1 aspect ratio, that becomes 4096*1743. Pixels are square and there is no overscan.

Ultra-HD, the TV and BluRay standard is 3840*2160 pixels. Some HDTV's do have overscan, not showing the entire picture, by the way.

Cinema 4K also uses the DCI-P3 colour space and theatrical projectors are capable of the entire range of this colour space.
Regular Ultra-HD is not that good. Ultra-HD with HDR uses a larger colour space than DCI-P3 but mainstream LCD panels at the moment are not capable of displaying that properly even if they can handle the input signal.

Comment Re: Twitter isn't helping (Score 2) 207

There has been great diversity among typewriters layouts. They have not been standardized as much as computer keyboard layouts and characters sets have. Different typewriter brands did not need to be interoperable.

Some brands of typewriters got different keys between I/1 and O/0 back in the early 1900's. Other brands did not separate the keys even in the 1980's.

Among computers and teletypes, the single biggest influence might have been the ASCII character set - which had only one type of quote character.
The order of characters in ASCII was designed to mimic one convention for typewriter and teletype keyboards for US-English, so that you would have to change only a single bit to get a shifted variation of a character. Then IBM changed their keyboard layout a little bit on their teletypes and typewriters, and that layout led to the US-ANSI standard which was picked up by other brands.
ASCII's order of shifted keys on the numeric still remains in most European computer keyboard layouts.

Comment Re:Surface Pro? (Score 1) 230

IMHO, Windows 10 does not do touchscreen and stylus very well, except for very basic tasks.
Many of the built-in apps have only very rudimentary support (through the widgets they use), but the fundamental issue remains: older apps were not designed for touch and stylus in the first place.

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