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Comment Re:Smells like bullshit (Score 1) 307

I saw an article recently that claimed that 11.something % of ALL web traffic was related to do-no-evil Google.
An astonishing number (also astonishing is Facebook's 7.07%).

With even 5% of web traffic able to be collected, categorized, linked, crosslinked and inferred through traffic heuristics...
Holy Shit what a force to be reckoned with!

It almost makes me feel bad for the average chump (Corps included, staffed as they are by AFCs), since they willingly give all this info to the bots.

A properly paranoid person would ask for a search anonymiser(sp) to act as a proxy and hunt down random crap to obfuscate the real results.... Anyone know of a service like that I can use?

Comment Re:Puny Optimists... (Score 1) 162

On the flip side, we'll probably look about as advanced as primates to an advanced alien life form, who will probably perform experiments on us.

What is to say that is not already happening?
Take a look at US government and the military and you will see the (self-proclaimed) advanced lifeforms are already doing this.
(alien infestation theories aside).....


Leak Shows US Lead Opponent of ACTA Transparency 164

An anonymous reader writes "Throughout the debate over ACTA transparency, the secret copyright treaty, many countries have taken public positions that they support release of the actual text, but that other countries do not. Since full transparency requires consensus of all the ACTA partners, the text simply can't be released until everyone is in agreement. A new leak from the Netherlands fingers who the chief opponents of transparency are: the United States, South Korea, Singapore, and Denmark lead the way, with Belgium, Germany, and Portugal not far behind as problem countries."

Comment Re:About $2K savings per month (Score 3, Interesting) 562

How about using this to power a farming community, using the farm waste to fuel your methane plant, and repaying them in electricity. Cow manure and agricultural waste make LOTS of methane. I have heard of farms that produce their own power(and a little extra to sell back to the grid) just off a methane based power plant fueled from the waste they produce. Once the bio-matter is properly consumed, the sludge can go back on the fields.

Seriously guys, if we are going to go green, we need to look at self-sustaining systems.

Comment Re: (Score 1) 189

While I am immensely interested in the development of Symbian(as I hate my work provided Windows "smart" phone) I am glad I am a sysamdin, not a developer. Knowing I could do wonders if I invested tons of my time seems somehow futile. I would rather ride the backs of skilled developers and provide constructive criticism (and lots of homemade beer) than do the actual work myself.

Thank you for making me appreciate my role in this process so much more.

If ever you find yourself in Fredericksburg, VA, hit me up, and I will gladly drop you a few liters of my 11% Warhammer Stout, just don't go to sleep with the provided buzz running, or you will understand the "warhammer"(to the head) part of the name.

(if you are close to fxbg, and like to brew, let me know at djmissing- at - gmail -dot- com , I am making a wheat beer from raw grain, malting it right now. I'd be happy to give you a few pounds of raw wheat grain and a recipe to play with. after the coming storm, of course.)

Comment Re:Freelance decker (Score 1) 373

Funny, I was wondering how he'd pull off an 8 to 5 job when he has the 4 kids from 7 to 3.

Talk about a forgiving schedule or a kid-friendly work environment, and doesn't that interfere with their school. or does the megacorp handle their education too.... now that's inducting them into corporate culture early!

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