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Comment Re:Hold down power button and ... (Score 1) 430

... keep holding it down.

Seriously, this is such an unconscionable violation of basic privacy that even people who have done nothing wrong should automatically have that reaction. And anybody who has done something wrong should know better than to use a fingerprint for unlocking anyway. What was this supposed to prove other than that they have a judge who will rubber-stamp any order no matter how appalling?

This actually proves secondary to why Apple shouldn't be using biometric locking mechanism for a telephone, it is a wonder that there isn't an index finger sold along with a stolen iPhone.

Comment Re:For them theoretically hacking a private org? (Score 1) 352

We're really escalating toward what could become war over completely unproven allegations that Russia hacked a private organization like the DNC? This wasn't even a hack of the real government. This is pure insanity.

Yeah, but it will probably be a war waged on Xbox and a budget for everyone to buy a copy of the latest Halo.

Comment Re:Windows 10, Windows 10, Windows 10! (Score 1) 503

"Cortana, are you a cop?" Crickets....

"Cortana, are you on the NSA payroll?" Crickets...

"Cortana, does my US citizenship make me an enemy of the state?" Stop Dave, will you stop dave... I'm afraid Dave... My mind is going, I can feel it... Daisey, Daisey... give me your answer...

Just say no to Windows 10

Comment Re: Waste of time (Score 2) 133

Of course. It's completely meaningless. Can you imagine having an online threat, turning to your friend and asking "What's the danger color right now?"
"Where and for what site?"
"The US of course!"
"My site isn't hosted in the US, and what software are you talking about?"
"Anything the Russians might use against us!"
"Oh boy, the Russians you say? What about everybody else?"
"Damn it Dan, it's red, that's all I wanted!"
"Go back to sleep George."

The threat level has been permanently established as being the color of; 'Bananas".

Comment Re:Considering it was the Bush Crime Family... (Score 1) 128

I don't care who started it or who hired them.

I just want to know why, with the many problems over so many years, it hasn't been completely dismantled. One would think that with so many politicians keen on privatization this would have been done rather quickly and long ago.

This is simply what happens when Gov't thinks the people are just cannon fodder.

Comment Re: 1984 (Score 1) 282

"Next they will ban two people talking alone at the pub over a pint"
What makes you think they aren't already doing that? Or, at least have enough mikes placed strategically all private conversation is recorded?

The mic's won't prevent them from talking. They haven't actively come out with duct tape to prevent people from talking, banning encryption effectively is the same concept.

Comment Re:So this is Russia answer to the ,, (Score 1) 256

I do not see this as being sourced from Russia on propaganda, this is a western promoted story which Russia doesn't have any control over and as of recent has made a public complaint about western media aligning against Russia.

The global elite are bound by secret societies and if they run counter to the Rothschild agenda they would pay a price for, usually when dealing with those types it is the ultimate one.

I don't believe the Russian government has any interest in reinventing the wheel when it comes to nuclear ordinance delivery packages, far too much economic turmoil in the world at the moment to be thinking of that. One thing I have seen out of Palmdale recently was the development of a Mach 10 scramjet capable of delivery of a nuclear payload. Sad they bothered to reopen the PAPERCLIP documents that OXCART was basing development on simply to carry a bomb. Says a lot about the US that really isn't admirable.

Comment Re:So this is Russia answer to the ,, (Score 1, Interesting) 256

I personally believe this to be propaganda in support of current saber rattling between NATO forces and Russia trying to force feed Russia US debt because the Dragon family proved to be just too badass for Rothschild who got handed his ass in a currency war and China began to dump US debt. Current multi warhead ICBM's are far more efficient in delivery to multiple targets to justify spending to develop a reusable craft to do the same. This appears to be an attack on pretty much the only country that still has a viable space program the US has be dependent upon for over a decade as a taxi service to orbit simply because bankster run US has been rendered fiscally incapable of maintaining one, nice shoot'n uncle Sam there's another hole in your foot. There are also globalization benefits to the story as well in an attempt to level the playing field so that we can all have a one world government and a single point of failure because the corrupt elite are simply too lazy to have to make multiple calls dealing with multiple governments to pursue some twisted agenda -boohoo. Not sold on the story, distinct smell of bullshit.

Comment Re:Carter was a great President! (Score 1) 237



The end of the Iran hostage situation was NOT an accident. The Republicans were very much involved in it.

I have no idea why people don't understand that yes, Republicans are that treasonous.

Not just the repubs that are treasonous. At election time; at they end of the day, it's a friggin bankster seated in the oval office and it has been that way since 1864.

When it comes to a space program, well the banksters are just not interested. What destroyed CIA SR and the OXCART program which was destined for NASA didn't have anything to do with the JFK hit, was nothing more than a repeat crime by mafia in north Tahoe/Reno ripping off between 4-6 million of Children's Hospital fund raiser money wired into CIA SR that never made it, and a guy name Arthur Hoenig (33rd degree Mason and earned that as his act of kindness to humanity putting Children's Hospital and Shriners together) killed in a plane crash immediately following that. This was per Jack Branham (CIA SR 'Radar Man') in 1992 before he died in '96 and in '97 the SR-71 was put into the hands of NASA by Clinton who played with it until '99 and mothballed it. A 1960's product of the OXCART program made it to NASA, but the program never did because they ripped off and killed the guy that had the program in his head. When I was 9 years old I had a set of initials pointed out to me on an underground river plug beneath a museum in Virginia City, NV and I showed them to my father, he said it was a Master Mason ancestor of mine that never made it back to Wisconsin. Now what kind of asshole would rip off Children's Hospital money? Same kind of asshole that would toss a guy in the lake because they didn't want to pay him during the same era they were tossing Asian rail workers in there for the same reason. My great uncle Jack showed NASA the SR-71 back in the 70's but they had already started fabrication of the shuttle airframe and were stuck on the rockets only thought process of design, this is where the Russky's won the space race through endurance as we have had to depend on them for over a decade as a taxi service to orbit which is why I have offered to go play ball for them, their basically the only game in town for a space program anyway and the only interest there seems to have been around here is ripping off and killing the folks that were trying to make all that happen.

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