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Comment W/o a future job as an economic endpoint for this (Score 2) 541

why fund it ? Perhaps because educated people make smarter decisions? Worldwide uneducated people out-breed educated people at a rate of about 4:1. Surely a populace less interested in breeding, because they understand the indirect costs, is a benefit worthy of funding higher education for all? If nothing else, I would argue that art (literature, dance, acting, etc. ) benefits from so called higher education. Education, like travel, is broadening; it opens vistas of knowledge and experience to people that go beyond the requirements of the mundane "future job", allowing them to contribute to society in non-material ways.

Comment Re:Supply and demand (Score 1) 587

Your point about culture is spot on. I've worked with contractors from India (and in India) and they are some of the nicest, most agreeable people I've ever met. I believe it's a cultural adaptation that allows them to survive in a population of almost 2 billion ... the pressure to "get along" must be enormous. They'll even agree with you when you are wrong. While agreeableness is great for social interaction, it's a shitty quality when it comes to engineering the best solution to a problem. And that in a nutshell is the difference. Great things are usually born of disagreement, and mediocrity is often the result of compromise.

Comment Re:Already exists under other names (Score 1) 917

ok ... but aren't multiple, redundant programs, means testing, drug testing etc. wasteful of administrative dollars? How much of the budget actually goes to feeding, housing and clothing the unemployable and underemployed (like Walmart workers who are the largest employer of SNAP recipients.)? Answer me that.

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