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Comment Re:except it wasn't people renting out their rooms (Score 1) 274

" it's 24x7 party next door"

Have you ever used AirBNB? I've used it a few times and didn't have a party. Hotel rooms aren't usually used for parties either. In general, I just need a place to leave my stuff and sleep when traveling for work or fun. When I've used AirBNB, I suspect the neighbors don't even have a clue that I'm there, and I believe thats true for 99% of their users.

Comment Re: AT&T (Score 1) 151

"what they're selling is not in fact unlimited"

I think the term "unlimited" should never be used. The laws of physics always limits a person to a finite amount of bandwidth. Also, customers are always throttled to some degree. No system allows a customer to download 500 exabytes a day. That sounds like there is a limit.

Comment Re:Welp, back to pirating (Score 0) 213

And its "dishonest" to call piracy theft because they are as similar to each other as murder or rape?

While some may not agree, many people do find "copyright infringement" and theft to be very similar. The biggest argument I've seen on Slashdot to use the term "copyright infringement" is to make that behavior seem more palatable to non-technical folk. We were all taught stealing was wrong when we were little and we all know theft is stealing. The use of "copyright infringement" murkys the waters a little bit. Now that's being honest.

Comment Offshore the recycling (Score 2) 145

If they aggregate millions of identical phones and ship them by the pallet load to India/China/CheapLaborVille, I suspect it can become economical to recycle most of the goods. This is especially true if the people doing it aren't concerned with pesky OSHA type regulations from an overbearing government concerned with foolish things like employee health.

Comment Re:Silly humans (Score 1) 146

"because stealing, even something small, many (most??) people wouldn't do"

I'd argue if I offered the average person a million dollars to steal a pen from someone, they would do it. Or better yet, a million for something not as small like a mailbox. They may say they would buy their victim a new mailbox after they were paid, but they would be stealing (taking property that wasn't their without permission) nonetheless.

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