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Comment Re:Seems like a good upgrade (Score 1) 88

I'll be sticking with my existing AppleWatch for a while I think, the GPS is a nice addition but I prefer to run with my phone anyway so I don't really need that. Apple really understands who the watch is most useful for though, between the waterproofing and the GPS they have really improved things for fitness uses (which is also my primary use).

Do you use the Watch for any home automation functionality?

Comment Re:All out of fucks to give (Score 3, Interesting) 88

its a 'show off' item for rich motherfuckers.

Is a ~$300 high-tech item really a show off item? I mean, we're at the point now where pretty much anywhere in the country (and excepting fast food), a dinner for a family of 4 costs a minimum of $50, and probably a good bit higher. I'm not calling $300 pocket change, but I'm not sure it gets you into "rich asshole" territory either! (Hypocrisy alert, if I knew someone dropped $300 on a namebrand purse or some shit like that, I would call it a show off item!)

for them, they can afford to throw it out each year or two. they could care less how much it costs; its a hipster show-off item and apple full well knows it.

Most of the people I have met with Apple watches actually were road warriors---people who travel constantly for work. One guy liked it because he always stays at Starwoods and he can unlock his room via the watch. Another liked hers because she got so many text messages for work that she filtered the Watch to only get family messages, so she didn't have to constantly be pulling her phone out of her purse whenever it dinged. etc. Most of the other users I've met just seem to use it like a glorified FitBit. I actually have not seen or met a single hipster-type wearing one!

Full disclosure, I don't have one and don't particularly want on, but I don't think your characterizations are remotely accurate--they seem more driven by your own imagination of what a gross characterization of an Apple user is!

Comment Re:warranty length (Score 5, Informative) 189

I just checked too, and I thought actually putting some numbers down would be informative, rather than just making statements without any backing data. What computer are you talking about that costs $649 baseline (I didn't see anything like that on a quick look on the Apple store).

Germany, Baseline Silver MacBook ( €1449
United States, Baseline Silver MacBook ( $1299
UK, Baseline Silver Macbook ( £1049 (a lot more flux than normal in this price, due to Brexit and unusually low USD.GBP exchange rates)

Cost of AppleCare = $129 for 3 years. Cost per year then is $43, so two years of warranty would be an added $86.

DE €1449 -> $1600. Minus 19% VAT = $1,344. Plus two years of AppleCare ($86) = $1430
UK £1049 -> $1395. Minus 20% VAT = $1162. Plus two years of AppleCare ($86) = $1248

US $1299. Plus full 3 years of AppleCare ($129) = $1428. Two dollars difference from what what I estimated as the DE price breakdown.

So the German price in Euros seems pretty darn close to me! Did I miss anything?

Comment Re:I'm sure Drump is all torn up over it (Score 3, Insightful) 403

Scott Adams has an interesting take on things.

My only question is---if Trump is so racist, sexist, and prone to violent reactions--why hasn't that popped up in his past? Discrimination lawsuits? Sexual harassment cases? Workplace violence or intimidation? Anything like that? I mean everything that comes out about him basically makes him seem like a mild-mannered Steve Jobs or Zuckerberg... As far a celebrity children, his don't seem particularly bad nor attention-seeking (which IMHO speaks well for him).

Comment Re:Pollution (Score 1) 220

No, actually you missed the point. Here's what I wrote (emphasis added):

As we've seen over the last year, there's no such thing as clean diesel, and diesel trucks are notoriously dirty (not to mention clogging up highways, causing accidents, etc.)

My reference to diesel was to talk about Europe's much greater reliance on diesel TRUCKING for moving freight.

Comment Re:Pollution (Score 1) 220

I think you're right. This is one of the areas where the US is greener than Europe.

A much greater percentage of freight in America is carried by train than that carried by train in Europe. European trains are largely passenger, while US trains are largely freight (I've read that less than 10% of European freight is carried by train, versus 40%+ for the US). As we've seen over the last year, there's no such thing as clean diesel, and diesel trucks are notoriously dirty (not to mention clogging up highways, causing accidents, etc.)

See, e.g.:

Comment Re: Dear Everyone Else: (Score 1) 135

I've read a few of your posts just now and the bitterness and despair really makes me cringe--Sounds like you've been burned by some bad companies. I personally can't relate (my work experiences are very different), and I don't work in tech. Care to share any details about the types of job you've experienced? Tech, IT, etc?

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