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Comment Re:Does this mean ... (Score 3, Interesting) 113

They already "need" a warrant to use the results in court, which is why the Justice Department has dropped multiple cases involving stingrays rather than see them go to trial. They're fully aware that the first judge who gets one of these cases will throw it out and set precedent that the stingrays can't be used.

Comment Re:IMHO, convictions should be tossed (Score 1) 113

///// /. formatting sucks balls. Why should I have to do a break line when a CRLF would do?

Change your prefs so your default posting setting is "Plain Old Text" instead of "HTML Formatted." The prefs interface itself does suck balls, your changes may or may not save.

Comment Re:That's not why he resigned (Score 5, Informative) 895

You could try repeating facts, or, you know, come up with more Fake News like him being "paid by the Russians".

Flynn Was Paid By Russia for 2015 Trip

Trump adviser Michael T. Flynn on his dinner with Putin

But don't let facts get in the way of calling everything "Fake News."

Comment Re:Arrest him and throw him into Gitmo (Score 1) 626

So what Trump claims about the big media not reporting about important events is true.

He didn't claim the media doesn't report "important events," he claimed they don't report terrorist attacks, which is patently untrue. This story has nothing to do with terrorism and does not, in any way whatsoever, corroborate Trump's bullshit.

Comment Re:Arrest him and throw him into Gitmo (Score 1) 626

Simple solution, do NOT place classified info on phones or computers that are traveling out of the country and coming back in. Or ship them freight instead.

No, that's a pain in the ass solution. The simple solution would be for the government to not conduct illegal searches, and not harass its citizens.

Comment Maybe I'm getting old... (Score 0) 146

15 years ago I probably would have been cheering this, but nowadays, a million emails is a drop in the ocean. Prison time for sending a million spam emails is fucking stupid, especially the potential of decades in prison. Seize his equipment, make "no more spamming" a condition of his probation, and if he fucks that up, then look at incarceration.

Comment Re:"revelations that it flouted state regulations" (Score 0) 76

"Also you should go buy Zenefits stock! I have some, and I'm going to buy more today! By the way, ignore that I'm speaking to you from the White House briefing room during an official interview as counsel to the President! I'm not violating federal ethics laws at all, no way!"

Comment Re:Friends with Zenefits (Score 4, Informative) 76

All kidding aside, this is the company where being drunk on the job and having sex with coworkers on company property became such a problem, they had to send out an official memo telling their employees to stop getting drunk and fucking each other at work. At an HR company!

Comment Re:Best Buy is still a thing? (Score 3, Insightful) 128

The only reason to go into a Best Buy is... um...

Demoing an item before ordering it from Amazon, or as lgw said, when you need a NIC/adapter/etc right now. I'm not sure how good they are for the second purpose anymore. Few months ago I needed a foot of cat5, all Best Buy had was 25+ foot lengths at a stupid price while a guy stood there asking if I wanted to see wireless routers instead. I ended up driving down the street to Walmart and picked up a 3 foot patch cable.

Comment Re:How do they know... (Score 5, Informative) 97

The official announcement says "These statistics are gathered from bug reports we have received from WhisperBack." WhisperBack is a voluntary, manual bug reporting system that comes with Tails. So they're only collecting "telemetry" from users who are voluntarily submitting it; that may not be the best barometer of who's using 32-bit systems, but it's all they have to go by.

Comment Re:Telegram and Discord (Score 2) 113

Do you know if any of these support video chat on a Mac?

I got a panicked call from my mom this morning, she uses Skype extensively to chat with family, and Microsoft just sent her an email about shutting down the current versions. I walked her through trying to update, but the website only offers her version 6-something. She has OS X 10.6 and apparently the new mandatory client won't run there, now I'm having to find her some alternative.

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