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Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 883

First at this point I think UBI if it is implemented, should exist on ly in one country. ( Each country, his own. ) I have no objection to globalization as a general principle, but the present implementation sucks. Globalization should be spreading improved lifestyles for poorer regions, not acting as human arbirtrage and bring poverty to rich regions.

Let us say that UBI is implemented, then UBI should be implemented in a way that the UBI of any year is tied to overall growth in the needed money supply. If there are more people, then we need more cash in the population. Somehow this should be tied to GDP. Done right, it will not be inflationary as you are just introducing more money at a rate that keeps up with the starte of the economy.

Submission + - a competitor to twitter with less censorship. (

MouseTheLuckyDog writes: Surfing the web I came across is a relatively new site which is supposed to be a competitor to twitter. The creator was apparently disappointed with twitter's banning of some account for strange reasons.
I registered was told that at the moment I'm 20000th in line, and would have to wait two weeks. So it is growing in popularity.
The posting guidelines are fairly strightforward: no illegal porn, no doxing, no terrorism.

Comment Re:This doesn't prove what they were hoping to pro (Score 0) 192

I'm a doctor, though not a diagnostician. Diagnosis is rarely hard - there are some hard cases, but they really mostly aren't. Do you have a persistently elevated blood glucose level? You have diabetes. Do you have consistently high blood pressure? You have hypertension

You do realise that diabetes and hypertension are not real diagnoses?
Diabetes does not describe the types of diabetes a person. Type I, Type II, other rarer types. All diabetes means is that you have elevated blood glucose levels.

Ditto for hypertension.

Comment Re:News Flash: Donald Trump is Bill Cosby (Score 0, Offtopic) 192

Well actually in the latest story. The main witness is saying that she was taken severely out of context. Trump's lawyer have already fired off a letter to the NYT demanding a retraction or he'll sue.

We'll see where it falls out in the next few days.

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