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Comment Re:A more basic question (Score 4, Insightful) 722

"The true challenge is to bring prosperity to the poor countries which currently have locally unsustainable population growth."

'prosperity' You the whole western world has been brain-washed, this prosperity thing, it has another name - mindless consumerism and it's this mindless consumerism, the idea that we must have ever more junk, ever bigger houses, cars etc, it's this falsehood that's getting us to where we are now which is at the edge of a precipice and that precipice is our impending extinction. It's good and well to say we can deal with these things, I know we have most of the solutions to do so, but we have to implement those solutions. And we need to stop investing into getting every last drop of oil and gas out of the ground, and we need to stop subsidising these same things.

If mankind doesn't face up to the fact that the very survival instincts that got us to where we are now will kill us all if we don't rise above them and use our brains instead of our balls.

Prosperity is the wrong goal, the correct goal is making sure everybody has clean air to breath, healthy food to eat, clean water to drink, but 1st and foremost we need to look after the planet we are on. And we should be trying a lot harder to preserve other species because our own survival may very well depend on it.

Comment Re:A more basic question (Score 2) 722

You can only say this if you are ignorant of the way we are decimating the ocean floor, polluting everything, ignorance of global warming and the domino effects waiting in store.

This isn't about simply being able to grow enough food, I never said it was.

" rest is quality of life: electricity, medicine, education. each of which is solvable."

These things are not the issue, looking after the planet we live on so that it can continue to support us, that is the issue.

Sustainable, look it up, research it.

Comment Some how 'preparing' doesn't seem like the right w (Score 1) 136


Katla: I'm going to explode now :-) any second.. 5.. 4.. 3..
Hecla: No sorry you can't you haven't prepared.
Katla: What, prepare? man I want TO EXPLODE NOW, how to prepare???
Hecla, You have to notify the airlines, fill the right govt forms.
Katla what...... boooooooooommmmmmmmm

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