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Comment Re:Simple Answer (Score 2) 118

Each port on the network switch should of been MAC bonded and then if someone connected an unauthorized device, it would of shut down the port and thrown an alarm with the offending MAC address, which can then be traced to the device being plugged in. This is exactly how I handle all the switches in all my networks.

Comment Simple Answer (Score 1) 118

Well IT is responsible for all the network equipment and infrastructure so if the data breach occurred because something was incorrectly configured then IT is 100% responsible. If the breach occurred on stationary work computers, that were NOT BYOC, IT is responsible. If the data breach occurred because the network was accessed and that access was not correctly configured, IT is responsible. If a computer enters the network that is not pre-authorized and already vetted, and gains unauthorized access IT is responsible. Basically if a computer is at fault, IT is responsible.

Comment Re:VLAN + Frrewall? (Score 1) 53

Right and that's not what we're arguing, no matter how insecure they are, you have to connect them to your network in the right manor. The firs thing I would do is to provision a VLAN on my network with full port monitoring, then hook up a firewall to monitor that VLAN, then connect those devices and isolate them so they don't and can't talk to the rest of the network. This would take maybe 1 hour, so being to busy, really isn't an excuse.

Comment As a Professional Devevloper (Score 2) 228

It's a multi-state, multi-variable issue and depends what kind of development the developer is doing.

As an example, when I'm doing low ever firmware development, things I would measure as success:
1. Robustness of solution.
2. Efficiency of Code.
3. Preform a LINT / leak scanner and look at that output.
4. Speed of module / driver / support coding.
5. How they handle library and portability in their development.
6. Security and complexity in terms of O and o.

Web Frontend Development:
1. How their work scales across different browsers and resolutions.
2. Engagment, look and feel.
3. Lines of code to implement certain aspects, less (usually) better.
4. Framework engagement, for instance using Angular.JS instead of rolling their own.
5. Knowing / applying stuff like jQuery or knowing not to.
6. How they implement REST services.

If I'm doing Server End work, I'll have a completely different set of requirements, same with desktop frontend, backend and etc....

Comment GOTO is fine! (Score 1) 600

Developers who speak out against GOTO, show their amateur or assumed armature level or experience. `I had a prof in University who spoke out strongly against it, even going to lengths such as costly loops and costly checks to get around using a simple GOTO, his code was made worse because he refused to use it. If you honestly feel GOTO is an unexceptionable statement in programming, then please write a program in ASM and NEVER use JMP!

Comment Yes (Score 0) 537

If you choose to take a real degree, you should pay more. Engineering degrees cost more then gender studies / feminist degrees because you have to hire specialists and under go hours and hours of lab times, equipment time and consume, generally, resources.

Gender Studies / Feminism degrees just involved saying "patriarchy" over and over and mis-defining sexism and objectification.

Comment Windows 10 is absolutely crap (Score 1, Informative) 261

Windows 7 was the last decent OS they released.

We use Windows 10 at work, due to the fact we have to use Visual Studio and Windows 10 is a sorry excuse for an OS, not only does Edge reset itself constantly, Skype locks up, Visual Studio locks up and crashes constantly, the boot time is HORRIBLE, everything is sluggish, the keyboard ghosts and that's just for starters. This morning my computer decided it would reset itself and all of it settings, for no F'ing reason.

My computer doesn't have any viruses and it doesn't have any kind of hardware problem. I've seen this exact behavior now on three completely separate computers that even have different hardware, so it's not a hardware platform problem either, it's typical Microsoft failing to place nice.

If Microsoft didn't corner the market for certain development channels, everyone would switch to either GNU / Linux or MAC, two operating systems that vastly outrank Windows in almost every possible avenue. In fact I feel completely comfortable in saying that GNU/Linux makes Windows seem like a mentally slow inbred cousin of an operating system in comparison. I would pick Gentoo or Ubuntu over Windows 10 in every possible comparison, even for development, and force Visual Studio to run under Wine, which would still be more stable and outperform it running on Windows 10..

I've already been on the phone with Microsoft several times to try and solve these problem we're having and it's pointless, they can't provide any help, they don't understand the problem and they don't have any kind of actual answer that is suitable. Windows 10 is flat out horse shit, the streaming kind.

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