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Comment Re:My gaming system is... (Score 1) 661

don't worry, even the Intel reps don't know what the difference is. I remember talking to one about hyperthreading when they added it back to the Core series, trying to figure out how two cores suddenly have 4 threads. After 15 minutes of slide presentations with various price points, he came to the conclusion that AMD's closest match for it was still slower than the Core processor with HT. I still don't know what the hell it means, and the benchmarks certainly don't help clarify it. Currently running an E8400 clocked at 4.13ghz, happy as a clam.

Comment Re:What are they going to do? (Score 1) 1217

So based on your own isolated experience, the folks at the Apple Genius bar are a waste of pay, as is the global service exchange that technicians use as a source for OSX and hardware repairs. Or do you just bathe your Mac in unicorn tears and wash away any problems?

As a side note, my grandmother used Windows ME for 6 years without ever needing tech support. (Results not Typical) should follow your bullshit generalizations.

Comment Fail @ Comprehension (Score 3, Insightful) 467

The only thing the ipad proved is that the tablet market has been sorely neglected; the pent up market demand is palpable. There are still some very basic tasks that are well suited to a portable touchscreen device.

Printing is a big one, its not that hard to detect and download a printer driver automatically, every desktop OS does it and it's great.

The USB functionality, at the very least for (you guessed it, printers) and flash drives would make this the primary tool for a great many college students. Why tether a device to a desktop when the device is perfectly capable by itself of handling all kinds of file manipulation.

That last point is the singular reason i have no interest in owning an ipad, the network device and file support is in the dark ages. Even apple supported apps like the vaunted keynote remote are horribly buggy, slow, and unintelligent, often requiring router configuration without the help of man pages. Is it really that hard to believe that offices WANT a slick, intuitive interface for accessing and manipulating documents on a local network, a flash drive?

There's still alot of untapped market demand, the ipad only scratched the surface.

Comment I LIKE the toboggan ride (Score 0, Troll) 157

Wanna know why Ubuntu is the linux flavor to beat? It's fun to use. No messy compiling of the kernel, no conf files to edit to get it up and running, it just works. Especially with the latest revamp of the alsa interface, not to mention the snazzy layout of the repo browser. Track record last few releases has been good.

Comment grudgingly... (Score 1) 195

i have to agree. But here's my rant first. skip to the bottom to get to my point.

my first experience with apple was in the public school system, i think we had apple II's. the interface was unwieldy and slow, there was no right click, i could navigate easier in DOS. Of course since then Mac's have improved, but the interface is still goofy. Easy there fanbois, i'm talking stock interface, not custom. The dock at the bottom is entirely useless, it doesn't close programs, only minimizes them, and doesn't display the active programs clearly at all. Plus the control bar (start bar, whatever) changing to the open program saves about 10 pixels of space, but takes extra hotkeys to return to the desktop and/or filesystem. This all on top of the fact that just about every aspect of the OS is held tightly under lock and key. So if you have any issues whatsoever with a program, your only recourse is to sit on it and spin. Give me Ubuntu or give me death.

On the other hand, apple makes amazing hardware. The iphone is slick, solid state, and speedy for a phone, with a pretty much intuitive interface (not perfect, but it works well enough) Likewise, the macbook pro's are just about the best built laptops you can find, with the best balance of battery life, performance, weight, and the aluminum chasis is just sexy.

If the tablet is even a fraction of what the rumors claim, (at least a multi touch, monolithic, solid state slate) it'll be a new market, and a huge one at that. I'll put up with apple interfaces if they keep delivering on the hardware.

Comment Gang rape as a 10man raid? (Score 1) 277

Better watch out for all those crusty Warcraft jugglers, they're being trained to kill things as a group. You'd better lower the standards to G ratings or i'm sure all the WoW nerds in Australia will start banding together and rolling against each other for who gets to loot your house.

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