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Comment Re:Very interesting... (Score 1) 317

Well, you're obviously smarter (or at least better informed) than most the other people in the crowd. Who is actually responsible though, that's the part I'm still trying to figure out. Unless its an underground cabal of multinational internet trolls (the South Park/Danish episode theory) then I've got no clue a this point. They don't seem to be on the side of any specific nation-state. They do seem to have gotten pretty good at making North Korea or Russia into scapegoats though.

Comment Re:If the point was ... (Score 2) 317

A long time ago I saw an interview with Assange on The Colbert Report, before Wikileaks became such a household name. As I recall, he was very up front in the interview that free speech and power to the people is great and all, but that his primary motivation was that he's a jerk. I'm paraphrasing, but seriously. Watch the interview. He never proclaims to be a champion of any ideal other than making the rich and powerful angry at him personally, then thumbing his nose at them while they struggle in futility to try to get some sort of revenge.

Comment Re: Wikileaks is a toxic organisation. (Score 1) 317

I really don't know but I really don't think so. I think they're gleefully publishing ANYTHING they get their hands on, and it just so happens right now that Hillary's enemies are the only ones feeding them juicy leaks right now because so little of Trump's wrongdoing is even a secret.

Comment Re:Oh brother (Score 1) 90

That's the whole problem here. It should have been apparent to everyone, a long time ago already now, that all of the NSA's fear-mongering self justifications are transparently obviously the excuses of the actual villains they claim to be protecting us from, and the NSA was only ever about creating excuses and situations for these types of breaches to take place. Anyone who thinks otherwise is hopelessly naive and probably unwittingly being victimized daily by identity harvesters.

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