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Comment Is edge sorting legitimate? Yes. (Score 1) 406

I side with the players, Ivey and Sun, not the casino.
The issue is whether edge sorting is a legitimate technique or is it cheating.
The rules are established before the game is played. If a player uses his skills, vision or intellect, after that point, it is legitimate. When the casino bet that its cards were impervious to edge sorting (a known technique), the casino lost. It lost because it was arrogant in believing in its own design.
Besides, Sun making the request to rotate the sixes through nines should have been enough to clue-in the casino. But it agreed to the request.

Comment Re: Remember kids! (Score 1) 406

<quote><p>Over here in Sweden, it is illegal to have discounts on alcohol (you need to make a profit on every drink you sell, overhead/spill counts towards this so you need a price higher than you purchase drinks for). And gambling advertisements are regulated as well.</p></quote>

That's the solution I recommend. A casino should be able to exist, but the advertisement needs to be regulated. That's how pot is sold in the Netherlands.

Comment Re: SJW angle (Score 0) 39

trans-gender is simply people trying to get the government to force others to go along with their lies. it's impossible to change genders because you can't change your chromosomes. it's just self-mutilation. just like the vet who now has prosthetic legs isn't suddenly a cyborg. sad, really.

I agree, but the analogy is bad.

Getting a prosthetic limb is inarguably a practical application of technology. Getting your genitals amputated may have psychological benefits to the subject, but anything beyond that is debatable.

Comment Re:SJW angle (Score 1) 39

Did anyone notice that three of the actors in that video were transgender? Lily Robotics deserves some recognition for their inclusiveness, even if their technology isn't quite ready yet... I, for one, applaud their courage and wish them well.

This says to me that seeing drag queens and the opposite (what do you call them?) in a promotional video is a reddish flag. A company that is playing to an irrelevant social attitude of potential customers may not have the ability to promote on legitimate grounds. IOW, pandering to gender-rights is sleazy when the issue is a drone's technical abilities.

But, personally, the video was an objectional promotion for other reasons. (I didn't notice the gender/sexual element.) It was asking for suckers without presenting any technical details. That's been done again and again already.

Comment Re: Meh (Score 1) 574

... I come to this site to see what the Trump-camp talking points are for any given situation.

It goes beyond that. Anybody who links to a /. thread with a political element is a handsomely-paid troll who works at a known address in St. Petersburg. Putin has commanded this army of trolls to infiltrate every major comment section on the web.

We are thankful to Obama for closing down the two Russian spying compounds our dedicated security forces discovered here in America.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 101

I suspect Russia, or more accurately, the Russian companies involved, simply had to deal with the Clintons for the Uranium One purchase. The buyers needed approval from the State Dept., and Hillary had veto power. So Russia donated to the foundation and paid Bill for a speech. Russia probably didn't want to pay the bribes; the bribes simply were a necessary element of the deal.

Also, although some news stories are casting the Uranium One deal as a national security issue, it really isn't. The Canadian assets were the meat of the deal, and the part ownership in a US uranium processing facility and some mining claims don't amount to much.

Regarding the DNC email release, which Assange states should not be called a "hack" because that is not necessarily the way the leaking party obtained the emails, it doesn't matter who provided them. Who wrote them and their content are what is important,

I, personally, believe Seth Rich was the leaker.

Comment Medical Recommendations Often Wrong (Score 1) 51

I'm old now (62), and when I was a kid, the recommended procedure was to slap the choking person on the back. I'm not sure. Do people still do that?

A separate issue: American schools are so prudish, that when demonstrating the Heimlich maneuver, they never use a cute girl as the choking victim and a guy as the one who applies the procedure.

Comment Re:Lab experiment (Score 1) 136

...I'm not really convinced there's much of anything to be done short of making a stealth drone so quiet and tiny that it won't be noticed (good luck with that, as there's a reason for the phrase "eagle-eyed"), or using a drone so large and intimidating it won't be attacked.

Making a camera-drone tiny may be hard, but making it big wouldn't. If you didn't need to fight the wind, hanging the drone from a balloon would increase the size without a weight penality. Perhaps a strobe at the right frequency and color would work. I agree with hackwrench. A little research would solve the problem.

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