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Comment Re:Maemo (Score 2, Interesting) 416

€ 370 = 531.69 U.S. dollars About the same actually. Granted one's a high end smart phone, the other's just gold plated. Smart phones without a plan tend to run $400-$600 dollars, so the N900's price isn't that unreasonable. Compare it to the Droid ($559.99 without contract), probably the most on par Android phone spec for spec and the N900 is cheaper from quite a few retailers.

Comment Re:Color me perplexed. (Score 1) 1475

I find it interesting how trying to reacquire rights stripped from individuals can be spun to "discrimination." No where is there any talk of Google having a problem with those that have faith, nor wanting to deny them anything. (Other than the "right" to take away rights from others.) I actually have faith in humanity, but sometimes I wonder if it's misplaced.

Comment Re:Not Particularly Inconsistent (Score 1) 1475

Taking it the other extreme isn't any better really. I realize that someone can think that marriage should be between a man and woman only and at the same time really not want to hate on homosexuals. Even then though, it's inherently pretty surprising for someone to be in charge of diversity understanding and still be a proponent of seperate and equal. Something that's pretty ingrained in this country by now as not being such.

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