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Comment I still use Windows... (Score 5, Interesting) 498

Because games run on it. If the games I wanted to play worked on Linux, I would be using it exclusively.

I had a forced restart and I promptly did registry edits and installed Ubuntu. Now I do all my work in Linux, and the only thing Windows could possibly do is kick me out of some online game. It's like they want people who like their platform to switch.

Comment Re:Leverage (Score 1) 531

The leverage is that what the company doing is a federal offense, and they're trying to thinly veil it as not one.

In short, you could sue the company for personal damages for losing your job because they tried to replace you with illegal labor, and therefore they owe you for all of the salary they would have had to pay you.

Comment Re:Probably under seal (Score 4, Interesting) 73

He could probably avoid this issue if he became a Russian citizen. That would give Russia an excuse to flaunt their authority at the rest of the world by granting him passage to Norway. If the US attempted to extradite him, Russia would have every reason to flex their muscles to defend one of their own.

Comment Re:It's not the FWD that are the real problem (Score 0, Redundant) 144

Buggy new functionality is better than no functionality at all.

I think that's an important perception here. I mean, what are you comparing it to? You're dinging it for having features that only partially work when other cars don't have that functionality at all. You may as well rate all bicycles as superior to motorcycles because you never need to put gas in them.

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